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This article may lend undue weight to certain ideas, incidents, or controversies. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. What a complicated world we have inherited! Fascinating ideas, excellent prose style, but no plot to speak of.

Perhaps it would have worked better as an essay than a novel. Rubber-tired yellow bulldozers parked under the carved stone eaves of mosques. All in all another great read from Bruce Sterling. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

They would probably go broke, being so far ahead of the curve and all, but the gizmo was an utter harbinger of things to come, like discovering a fossil in reverse. The device stank of futurity. See standard deviation for more on this concept. But when you open a Bruce Sterling novel you know you will be getting something that isn't like anything you've ever read before.

Zeitgeist by Bruce Sterling

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Here he's using what we might as well call mag Bruce Sterling has a sawed-off idea shotgun and you're about to get it in the face with this messy book. At the end, my head felt like a can whose top was being pryed up. It's a futuristic pop thriller, a funky and fun read. Leggy does business with some very dangerous and strange folks. Stuck in dense Turkish traffic, their driver clicked on his radio and began to curse a soccer game.

People getting an early start on the next millennium's pre-millennial jitters. Istanbul had lost its capitalship, but Istanbul had always walked on its own sore feet.

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It had been so much stronger than he was, so far beyond his ability to help. You find yourself wiping flecks of ideas off your shirt hours later. Vanna was sure to take that gesture all wrong. Why the importance on getting the girls out alive? That is, social influence is what determines human behaviors.

The Journal of Creative Behavior. The book starts out slow, but stay with it, you will be caught up in Mid-East subterfuge very quickly. Tourist-trap nightclubs featuring potbellied Ukrainian dancers. Perhaps I didn't read it carefully enough, or perhaps much of these didn't matter. It's a pretty great book, paced expertly, with great dialog and Sterling's ear for authenticity in locations.

The city was neck deep, chin deep, nose deep, in the darkest sumps of history. The book s Bruce Sterling is an astute of observer of pop culture, but this book goes far beyond that. This doesn't hurt the work at all, it just has a very different feel than a lot of Sterling's other work. These two perspectives have been combined to create what is known as the interactional approach to leadership. Another one for the Sterling completist, but not one I'd recommend in general.

Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. Unfortunately Kurt Vonnegut already did that, and did it better. Culture and art are inextricable because an individual artist is a product of his or her time and therefore brings that culture to any given work of art.

Probably three and a half stars really. Despite its best efforts, the twentieth century had not been able to beat the place down. Not because it is difficult to read, yet his stories make me stop and reconsider my personal beliefs in a manner that fine tunes the perceptions I may have long held. If you've never read Sterling, start someplace else.

So it was back to Istanbul, finally. Its certainly not cyberpunk, its not really science fiction.

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Vast sunshine-yellow billboards imploring bored Turkish housewives to learn English. Bruce Sterling has a sawed-off idea shotgun and you're about to get it in the face with this messy book. Sterling riprende alcuni dei suoi personaggi e scrive un romanzo ambientato alla fine del millennio, quindi tre lustri fa, oramai. The variant districts of Galata, Pera, Beshiktas, and Ortakoy inched beyond the bumpers.

The ending, with the observations that Leggy's daughter declared, and her goals, struck a chord. If you have enjoyed Sterling before, then definitely give this a read. All statistics are updated nightly, if possible, or more frequently, if possible. Not unpleasant to read, but ultimately not that rewarding. Basically, if everyone basically agrees that an author's books are good or bad, the standard deviation is low.

The place had a fatal attraction for him. The Balkans, Hawaii, Turkey, and pop music are all exposed. Instead, these individuals possess characteristics of great leaders and these characteristics allow them to obtain positions of power. He proposed that the timing of involvement in an industry and often in sports as well affected the probability of success. But, also like most of Sterling's work, by the end I sympathized with the character enough to appreciate the changes he'd gone through.

Great man theory and zeitgeist theory can be included in two main areas of thought in psychology. For other uses, see Zeitgeist disambiguation. Research from empirical aesthetics investigated the relation between zeitgeist as temporal context and the evaluation of creative works. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. My favorite things in this book I don't want to spoil in this review, ask toolbar but that doesn't really matter because I don't really understand them very well and I'm also perfectly fine with that.

Like most of Sterling's main characters, I hated this one at the beginning. If you just want something that is so incredibly original, then this is the book for you. Bruce Sterling is easily one of the most original writers out there today.