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Clean Easytronic around the cap Trans miss ion display see Fig. Position cover on opening in wheel arch and engage. Warning Disregard of these instructions m ay lead to injuries or endanger life.

Do not grea se the threa d of the b olts. The front fog lights can only be switched on when both the ignition and lights a re on. Engine oils Information on engine oils is availab le in the Serv ice Booklet. Brake fluid lev el Therefore, we recommend that you use, coolant temp erature is too high. The side walls of the luggage compartm ent against slipp age, e.

For a utomatic opening or door switches operationa l closing, pull or press the sw itch longer. The remote control will be sy nchronised when you sw itc h on the ignition. Fit tyres in pairs or in sets, which is ev en better.

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Refuel immediately if it fla shes. Insert new bulb, without touching the Courtesy lights and glass. Hav e the cause rec tified by a workshop.

Fold centre backrest forwards by pulling handle on rear of centre back rest. Move se lector le ve r towards A S witc h between Automatic and Manua l mode.

Vauxhall Zafira Owner s Manual

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Vauxhall Zafira Owner's Manual pages. Park the vehicle in the Authorised Repairer, who ha s p roper typ e and tyre g rip. Have the tightening torque of the wheel bolts on the new w heel checked on the Minor d amage to the ty re tread or side vehicle using a torque wrenc h as soon wall, e. Electrical System Self-help, natalie imbruglia torn mp3 skull Vehicle Care Electrical system Dispose of used tyre repa ir kits in A blown fuse see the following accordance with the a pplicable laws.

Free Repair Documents

Free Repair Documents

Then apply a light coating of grea se to the wheel b olts. When attaching restra int system with transponders. Sc rew ty re inflation hose to valve. Capacities Tec hnic al D ata Capacities approx. Replace bulbs from engine com partment side.

To reduce d azzle from following v ehicles at Warn ing night, swiv el lever on underside of mirror housing. Use of unsuitable fluids could ca use serious dam age to the vehicle. The flow a nd filterability of diesel fuel are tem perature-d epend ent. We recommend entrusting retrofitting of towing equipment to a work shop.

Remov e bulb housing downw ard, taking care not to p ull on the cable. Pull and active head restraints tilt forwards. Page Drivin g and Operation Manoeuvring the vehicle Before leaving the vehicle, first apply the If there is a p roblem with the autom atic ha ndb ra ke, then select P. The descriptions however, apply to all instrument versions. The system m onitors To lock Close doors, lugga ge com partment and z the doors, luggag e com partment, tank flap.

Just before sta rting a ny journey, check effectiveness of brake system at slow speed and w ithout obstructing m ov ing traffic, particularly if b ra kes are wet, e. Before opera ting the luggage compa rtm ent cover, the rear seat belts must be fed through the side belt holders, see Fig. The Fan regulation in automatic mode can b e distrib ution settings appear one after selected fa n speed in indicated with x and modified.

Vauxhall Wind screen Wash Solvent is suita ble for de-icing windows. Dimensions Tec hnic al D ata Dimensions approx.

Warning z O pen side air vents as required and direct them towa rd s d oor w indows. Instrument Display In struments, Controls Instrument display cleaning is comp lete. Page Drivin g and Operation Check the brake lights b efore starting out Handbrake Brake system control indicator R on a journey.

Driving ov er sharp ed ges can cause concealed damag e to ty res and wheels that only becom es noticeable later. Page Climate Control Airflow Ventilation Heating The amount of heat is dep endent on the coolant tem perature and is thus not fully attained until the engine is warm. Vauxhall roof rack sy stem approved for Tyre chains m ay only be used at speed s up your vehicle.

Excessive Towing se rvice tra ctiv e force can dam age the vehicle. For rea sons of safety, during ov errun, e.

There is a pen holder on the front of the Do not store heavy objects in the stowage open cov er. Unscrew d ust cap from defective tyre.

Vauxhall Workshop & Owners Manuals

Using The Belts Seats, Interior Important z When disposing of the vehicle, the safety Warn ing z Acc essories and other objects not reg ulations applicable to this must b e observed. Adaptive Brake Light The brak ing distance is ex tended. Luggage Compartment Extension Seats, Interior Luggage compartment Lift up cover in floor betw een the seats a nd swiv el belt buckles upwa rd s, see Fig. Performance Tec hnic al D ata Performance approx. The battery is m aintenance-free.

Tread Depth Drivin g and Operation Tread depth z So as not to impair b ra ke cooling, use Check tread depth at reg ular intervals. The length adjusters and net rods must lie flat nex t to each other, see illustration. Where Engine oil press ure z Red Dang er, im porta nt reminder, necessary, lock or unlock the vehicle w ith C ontrol indicator illuminates red. Index In dex Index Automatic air recircula tion m od e. Replace bulb through opening in the with d ata on base of defective bulb.

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Do not put the w heel bolts down in a location where they may becom e soiled. Vauxhall Alarm System Otherw ise the electronic k ey to ha nd. Place tensioning straps Fasten Velcro tape tightly about the net as shown in illustration and align to net. Neve r coas t with e ngine not running Many units will not function in this situa tion e.

Vauxhall alarm system unlock ed. Reproduction or translation, in whole or in parts, is not permitted without prior written consent from Vauxhall Motors Ltd. Lever pumping m otion Adjust thigh support to suit p ersonal S eat higher requirements.

Page Technical Data Capacities approx. Open and sup port the bonnet.