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Travers walking in unison against a white background with their shadows appearing as Mickey Mouse and Mary Poppins, respectively. The film’s subject matter piqued Disney’s interest, leading the studio to acquire the screenplay and produce the film. October 20, 2013, and was released theatrically that same year in the United Kingdom on November 29 and in the United States on December 13. Upon release, the film received positive reviews, with praise directed towards the acting, screenplay, and musical score. 118 million at the worldwide box office. However, she has not written anything in a while and her book royalties have dwindled to nothing, so she risks losing her house. Still, Russell has to remind her that Disney has agreed to two major stipulations—no animation and unprecedented script approval—before she agrees to go.

Travers was seven years old. In Los Angeles, Travers is irritated by what she perceives as the city’s unreality and the inhabitants’ intrusive friendliness, personified by her limousine driver, Ralph. She finds their presumptions and casual manners highly improper, a view she also holds of the jocular Disney. Travers’ working relationship with Disney and his team is difficult from the outset, with her insistence that Mary Poppins is the enemy of sentiment and whimsy. Disney and his people are puzzled by Travers’ disdain for fantasy, given the nature of the Mary Poppins story, as well as Travers’ own rich imagination. She particularly objects to how the character George Banks, the estranged father of the children in Mary Poppins’ charge, is depicted, insisting that he is neither cold nor cruel.

Gradually, they grasp how deeply personal the Mary Poppins stories are to her and how many of the characters were inspired by her past. The team realize Travers has valid criticisms and make changes, though she becomes increasingly disengaged as painful childhood memories resurface. Travers discovers that there is to be an animation sequence, she confronts Disney over his broken promise and returns home. Her real name is Helen Goff, and she’s actually Australian, not British. This gives Disney new insight into Travers, and he follows her to London. Arriving unexpectedly at her door, Disney tells her that he also had a less-than-ideal childhood, but stresses the healing value of his art.

He urges Travers to not let deeply-rooted past disappointments dictate the present. Travers relents and grants Disney the film rights. Disney has not invited Travers, fearing how she might react with the press watching. She gradually warms to the rest of the film, however, becoming deeply moved by the depiction of George Banks’ personal crisis and redemption. In 2002, Australian producer Ian Collie produced a documentary film on P.

Sue Smith writing the screenplay. Marcel’s drafts removed a subplot involving Travers and her son, and divided the story into a two-part narrative: the creative conflict between Travers and Walt Disney, and her dealings with her childhood issues, describing it as “a story about the pain of a little girl who suffered, and the grown woman who allowed herself to let go”. There was always that elephant in the room, which is Disney,” Collie recalled. We knew Walt Disney was a key character in the film and we wanted to use quite a bit of the music. We knew we’d eventually have to show Disney.

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