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6 Best Online Music Sites for Downloading Songs

Many artists post their songs to SoundCloud for free just for kicks, and others usually point you to the best place to download and support them in the process. With a sizable database of torrents, Seedpeer is and always has been a great place to search.

9 Ways to Download Free Music Safely

Soundcloud is a tricky one. Because so many people use Soundcloud to share and post music, you have a great chance of finding some of your favorite popular tunes here. You've probably been to Bandcamp, even if you don't remember going. Another site that appears to be Russian, this site is currently active and appears to have current torrents available. Also, if you're new to torrents, don't forget that you'll need a torrent client to get these files.

The site also has curated collections by featured artists, discounted tracks, and more. What We Like Fun and easy to create playlists. Digital locker comes free with account. Search results can be used to generate downloadable playlists. Bose Sound for Your Phone Calls.

Bandcamp is free to join for musicians and for fans. The interface isn't as nice as some others, but it's still a very usable site.

6 Best Online Music Sites for Downloading Songs

Downloading music for free from disreputable sites i. Can import your iTunes and Windows Music libraries.

In some cases, shopping with the smaller names is a matter of finding great new music from musicians who promote themselves and can't afford to list their music on the big stores. This is another torrent site you don't want to skip in your search.

It's possible you'll find another way into the site. Do you think Kurt Cobain was good-looking?

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If you follow a musician on Twitter or Facebook that promotes themselves, they probably have a Bandcamp site where you can listen to their music, buy albums, and download tracks. There are way more than just seven torrent sites out there, of course. Let us know feedback lifewire.

Popcorn Time is a site dedicated to streaming movies for free, so in the strictest of terms, it's not a torrent download site. What We Don't Like You won't find current major-label hits. Gone are the days when we'd simply pop into a record store and rifle through packed racks. Are you sure you want to delete this answer? Please see our full disclaimer and warning for new torrent users at the bottom of the page.

9 Best (Safe) Ways to Download Free Music

Related Questions Whats the best place to download music free? Whats the best place to download free music Except for Limewire? They're not the only torrent sites out there, pak file opener but they are among the best. Here are six of the best music sites for downloading songs.

Can build and share playlists with others through social network. Smaller music library than top competitors. You can stream music from this site, or browse through its archive of past songs, many of which went on to become hits and favorites.

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There are a couple websites where you can download a single song of a band, but im looking for a website, blog, forum, where all the artist's songs and albums are kept. What We Don't Like No free music.

With a huge database and pretty clean interface that's devoid of advertisements, it's no wonder this multi-million strong collection of torrents is one we frequently hear about. Its primary goal is to serve as a marketing platform for rising stars, artists that want an online way to leverage their current music offerings as effectively as possible. The front page is regularly updated with current and popular information about torrents, torrenting, and categories of interest. There's always room for more.

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Free tier offers unlimited cloud storage and access to music collections, photos, audiobooks, and videos. The torrents themselves are known to be easy on bandwidth, which will make those with data caps happy. If you're a data nerd and a torrent fan, you'll appreciate what they've done.

Can't sync playlists to more than three devices. Find their official websites. Internal lists show the date added, size, seeder and leechers, as well as a health meter for each file. This Bulgarian site was restricted in Bulgaria.

NoiseTrade is an interesting site. Top Bluetooth Headphones for Running.

An Advanced Search option also allows users to narrow the field of possible returns by category, provider, and status. However, the site is minimally maintained, and only available if enough users donate to support the monthly hosting for the site. If you're after older or more obscure torrents, X might be for you.

The music industry continues to evolve to meet changes in technology and consumer demand. What We Like Purchases are automatically stored in your own cloud-based music locker.

They run a music discovery podcast to help you find new artists to enjoy, and have their own charts for popular artists, new bands, and picks from the staff. Why has music gotten so bad?

Learn how BitTorrent file sharing works, what a torrent file is, how to protect yourself, and how to get to the movies and music you're after in the safest and efficient way possible. This is like a super torrent index, searching for torrents across dozens of other torrent sites.

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