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QUICK START QUIDE Pdf Download. Note: Ethernet option printers do not include any interface cables. Power Cord Parallel Cable USB Cable Note: Ethernet option printers do not ups worldship print to pdf any interface cables.

On Button Function Press Once – Halt batch printing. PAUSE Press Second Time – Resume batch printing operation. Installation Connect the printer power and interface cable. 9600 baud, No parity, 8 Data bits and 1 stop bit.

Tape or adhesive holds the loose end and the outside length of media becomes contaminated when handled or stored. When you remove this part of the media, you remove the oils, dust, and adhe- sives that contaminate it. Loading Media Use approved media for best results. Step 2 Open media guide. Step 3 Mount and thread the media. Push the roll tight against the inside roll bracket with the green flip arm.

Step 4 Thread the media through the media guide and printhead. Step 5 Close media guide. Slide the guide against the media until the media touches the inside stop. Step 6 Close the printhead.

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