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Uplifting Corporate Inspiration. The playful, upbeat nature of this track makes it perfect for use in any media meant to convey a happy, joyful and positive attitude. Ideal for a wide range of love, romance, coming together, commercial, logo, careful and tender situations. Perfect for a animated cartoon production, photo slideshows, video games and commercials. Perfect for corporate projects, commercials, films, and videos of all kinds.

Breathe Deep

Purchasing a cheap knockoff will just leave you frustrated. Would also work perfectly for animated cartoon production, advertisements, a wide range of promotional media, commercials and more. Experiment with adding in different strumming patterns with your right hand. Happy and catchy upbeat ukulele track with a fun ukulele, glockenspiel hookline and a bouncing light hearted rhythm section of handclaps, guitars, ukulele, piano, and percussion. Very positive and uplifting, this music is sure to put your audience in a good mood!

This track creates a magical Christmas vibe. Featuring ukulele, claps, and drums that create a happy, energetic, and uplifting mood. It evokes a sense of happiness, warmth, and positivity. An upbeat, inspiring and optimistic tune featuring piano, ukulele, shakers, and bells.

Positive song with acoustic guitar, glockenspiel, ukulele, acoustic piano and marimba. Charming, upbeat and motivational background music, includes acoustic piano, ukulele, drums, and claps. This Happy background music instrumental features upbeat ukulele and acoustic guitar for that cheerful and cute vibe.

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For fun, try playing the chords from these keys out of order. An upbeat, happy and fun track featuring ukulele, catchy piano, hand claps and glockenspiels. We hope this ukulele chord chart has been helpful for you.

It consists of a piano, ukulele guitar, hand claps, bells or glocks, percussion and other instruments. Cool and happy acoustic tune. Full of love, passion, romance and emotion, Valentines based visuals. Great to illustrate peaceful scenes, summer holidays, sunny beaches, coconuts, Jamaica seaside, marijuana, or whatever you would like to associate with reggae music.

Cheerful instrumental background that is happy and upbeat. This great, light-hearted music is well suited for commercials, advertisements, podcasts, presentations and more. The key of C major at the top of the circle has no sharps or flats. One thing about the Portuguese machete is that the volume and tone differs according to the construction and size.

Ukulele Chord Chart All The Chords You Need to Play Popular Songs

Great for those seasonal projects, winter holiday commercials, celebration moments with family and friends. Any of the chords you see here can easily be applied towards learning how to play popular songs. Peaceful acoustic folk music track made with the help of mandolin, piano, synth pad etc.

This is super happy, corporate motivational royalty free track with upbeat ukulele, bright bells, piano melody and body percussion. An upbeat and fun acoustic song with marimba, xylophone, bells and acoustic guitar. Used ukulele guitar, bells, hand claps, tambourine and other happy and light instruments. Happy and upbeat instrumental music.

Ukulele Music

Fast, sweengy and energetic track featuring ukulele, sticks, vibraphone, glockenspiel, electric guitars, double bass and jazzy drums. Positive and happy track with a joyful and fresh feeling, featuring ukulele, whistles, and claps. An upbeat and positive summer acoustic track with a cheerful ukulele melody. The music developed in the s and was based on the machete that was of Portuguese origin. Try memorizing each key by focusing on transitioning from chord to chord while playing to a set rhythm.

Royalty free Ukulele music Coconut Reggae. Brings that easygoing and natural feeling in every project. Happy upbeat ukulele track with a bouncy rhythm and a catchy bells and whistle melody! Focus on one ukulele chord chart at a time and speed up as you get better with the transitions.

Mood of this track is uplifting, inspirational, motivational. This track features ukulele, acoustic guitar, glockenspiel, and hand clapping. Fun, happy and uplifting acoustic track with guitars, ukulele, piano and drums.

We use a simple system of Roman Numerals to describe the way chords operate in keys. This is a happy song with acoustic guitars, ukulele, bells, clapping, and piano upbeat tune. The locals were inspired by the machete that the Portuguese immigrants brought to the place. This is happy and joyful acoustic folk music with optimistic, uplifting mood, Hawaiian atmosphere and ukulele, whistle, piano, percussion and strings leading. This is very bouncy bright and carefree.

Ukulele Chord Chart All The Chords You Need to Play Popular Songs

If possible, check out some ukuleles from a local music store so you can hold and play a few different ukes before making a decision. Featured instruments are acoustic guitar, ukulele, piano, bells, accordion, strings, bass guitar, non veg wallpaper drums.

This is a happy and upbeat song featuring ukulele, human whistle, glockenspiel, piano and drums. This is a calm and relaxed acoustic laid back and calm love song with a simple ukulele and a gentle piano in Chopin style. Upbeat track with great optimistic energy.

Cute and soft ukulele music with the human whistle. These chords sound tense and extremely dissonant.

Upbeat, energetic and uplifting music track, featuring acoustic guitars, piano, percussion, hand claps, bass and drums. Featuring upbeat ukulele and acoustic guitars, playful whistles tune, claps and uplifting drums!

Featuring acoustic ukulele, glockenspiel, strings, jingle bells, handclapping, and brass orchestra sound. Featuring whistle, claps, ukulele, bells, acoustic elements and guitars. Great for YouTube videos, photo slideshows, commercials, websites and any project that needs an optimistic, cheery vibe. Fit for corporate videos, commercials, cinema, or advertisement.

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Upbeat Ukulele And Whistle. Happy and optimistic pop-folk track with ukulele, hand clapping, piano, acoustic guitar and drums. Very soft and cheerful acoustic composition with an uplifting outlook. They convey a wide range of emotions in music including fear, doom, and longing.

Happy and easy going Christmas track with inspiring and festive mood. This uplifting track will surely bring a smile and a good feeling of joy and fun to any video project! The ukuleles are basically made of wood but some of the cheaper ones are also made from plywood.