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Client sent malformed Host header. This article is about a turn scanned pdf into text implementation of a CAPTCHA. Article Archive, where more than 13 million articles in total have been archived, dating from 1851 to the present day.

CAPTCHA was helping to digitize books that are too illegible to be scanned by computers, as well as translate books to different languages, as of 2015. CAPTCHA’s slogan was “Stop Spam, Read Books. CAPTCHA plugin in 2014 which is now changed to “Tough on Bots, Easy on Humans. A new system featuring image verification was also introduced.

An early CAPTCHA developer, he realized “he had unwittingly created a system that was frittering away, in ten-second increments, millions of hours of a most precious resource: human brain cycles”. The waviness and horizontal stroke were added to increase the difficulty of breaking the CAPTCHA with a computer program. Their respective outputs are then aligned with each other by standard string-matching algorithms and compared both to each other and to an English dictionary. Any word that is deciphered differently by both OCR programs or that is not in the English dictionary is marked as “suspicious” and converted into a CAPTCHA. The suspicious word is displayed, out of context, sometimes along with a control word already known. If the human types the control word correctly, then the response to the questionable word is accepted as probably valid.

If enough users were to correctly type the control word, but incorrectly type the second word which OCR had failed to recognize, then the digital version of documents could end up containing the incorrect word. The identification performed by each OCR program is given a value of 0. 5 points, and each interpretation by a human is given a full point. Once a given identification hits 2.

5 points, the word is considered valid. Those words that are consistently given a single identity by human judges are later recycled as control words. If the first three guesses match each other but do not match either of the OCRs, they are considered a correct answer, and the word becomes a control word. When six users reject a word before any correct spelling is chosen, the word is discarded as unreadable.

The original reCAPTCHA method was designed to show the questionable words separately, as out-of-context correction, rather than in use, such as within a phrase of five words from the original document. In 2014, reCAPTCHA implemented another system in which users are asked to select one or more images from a selection of nine images. In 2017, reCAPTCHA was improved to require no interaction for most users. CAPTCHA to predict whether the user was a human or a bot before displaying the captcha, and presenting a “considerably more difficult” captcha in cases where it had reason to think the user might be a bot. By end of 2014 this mechanism started to be rolled out to most of the public Google services. In 2017, Google improved this mechanism, calling it an “invisible reCAPTCHA”. The reCAPTCHA tests are displayed from the central site of the reCAPTCHA project, which supplies the words to be deciphered.

CAPTCHA after the request has been submitted. The reCAPTCHA project provides libraries for various programming languages and applications to make this process easier. Some have criticized Google for using reCAPTCHA as a source of unpaid labor. They say Google is unfairly using people around the world to help it transcribe books, addresses, and newspapers without any compensation. The use of reCAPTCHA has been labelled “a serious barrier to internet use” for people with sight problems or disabilities such as dyslexia by a BBC journalist.

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