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PDF files are the life of the academic. All information come with them. I will reflect on some of Mac and Windows applications I use everyday. For that end, top free pdf readers and annotations good pdf reading application would be very important: much more important than any other application I use.

I have been looking for different tools for reading Pdf files. The ranked search is amazing. 3, Skim has the best searching capabilities. You can literally draft your next book using the anchored note. Ideas cannot come out of the blue: they emerge during the reading. The best part of the anchored notes that you can give Titles to the notes. You can manipulate them so that the exported note will be much cooler.

I exported the annotation using Markdown format. The keep on top feature is very useful to compare ideas: any of the annotations can be kept on top. Export templates: you can modify these templates to your need. The non-standard format: if you want to read or see the annotations of the Skim, you have to export it. You cannot just open the pdf and keep on annotating.

This is a deal breaker. I like PDF expert for it adheres to the standard PDF specifications. I think it is the best mac reader with the standard formats next to Adobe’s own products. Corporate greed seems the reason why we are suffering. Why doesn’t Apple adhere to the standard Adobe specifications? Preview and the rest of Mac local applications bulges up the size of the pdf.

SKIM file is a pain in the ass. If you export and import the pdf, all the annotations get duplicated. PDF itself, I would never look around. The annotation panel could be wide: therefore,  a long text can be directly inserted. Skim, the panel is generally convenient to drop longish texts.

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