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The two charted the west coast of the continent and passed through the Bering Strait when they were third and final continent pdf by ice from sailing either east or west. Atlantic and the Pacific around the top of North America. 20,000 prize for whoever discovered the passage.

Cook, who was in retirement following his exploits in the Pacific, acting as a consultant. Admiralty ultimately placed their faith in the veteran explorer to lead with Clerke accompanying him. They planned to rendezvous in the summer of 1778. February 1776 for Cook’s third voyage. These included sheep, cattle, goats and pigs as well as the more usual poultry. Cook also requisitioned: “100 kersey jackets, 60 kersey waistcoats, 40 pairs of kersey breeches, 120 linsey waistcoats, 140 linsey drawers, 440 checkt shirts, 100 pair checkt draws, 400 frocks, 700 pairs of trowsers, 500 pairs of stockings, 80 worsted caps, 340 Dutch caps and 800 pairs of shoes. William Herbert from whom she was bought by the Admiralty.

The crew included six midshipmen, a cook and a cook’s mate, six quartermasters, twenty marines including a lieutenant, and forty-five able seamen. Cook’s first two expeditions and had previously sailed with Byron. She had a crew of 70: 3 officers, 55 crew, 11 marines and one civilian. He prepared the charts for the official account of the voyage. The route of Cook’s third voyage shown in red, blue shows route after his death.

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