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Actors who have portrayed central characters of the series. Top, left to right: Tobin Bell, Shawnee Smith, Cary Elwes. Bottom, left to right: Costas Mandylor, Danny Glover, Betsy Russell. Jigsaw Killer”, who seeks out those he considers to be wasting their lives and subjects the sewing book alison smith pdf free to torturous and lethal traps, referred to as “tests” and “games”, in an attempt to make them appreciate living.

Lawrence Gordon, the man he suspected of being the Jigsaw Killer. Adam was kidnapped by Jigsaw’s apprentice Amanda Young and placed in a game alongside Gordon, which took place in a large dilapidated bathroom. Each of them were chained to pipes on opposite sides of the room and given specific instructions on what they needed to do in order to survive. Gordon had to kill Adam by six o’clock, while Adam simply had to escape. After failing to complete their respective tasks by the deadline they were confronted by Zep Hindle, an orderly from Gordon’s hospital. Adam beats Zep to death with a toilet tank lid, believing he is responsible for their abduction, and Lawrence crawls away to get help, having sawed off his foot. While searching Zep’s body for a key Adam finds a tape recorder which reveals that Zep was only following instructions in order to obtain an antidote for a poison in his blood stream.

As the tape ends the real Jigsaw reveals himself, and seals the bathroom door, leaving Adam in the bathroom to die. Adam is mentioned in Tapp’s files and audio tapes as having been hired by one of Tapp’s colleagues to prove his wife was having an affair, implying this was why Tapp hired him. Alison and Diana are the wife and daughter of Lawrence Gordon. Zep Hindle as a part of Lawrence’s test.

When Lawrence fails his test, Zep attempts to kill both Alison and Diana, but they are rescued by Detective Tapp. Alison divorced from Lawrence for his unstable mindset. Detectives David Tapp and Steven Sing. Matthews disappears, and is presumed dead, Kerry becomes wracked with guilt. Kerry is the first to suspect that someone else was responsible, as the trap didn’t follow Jigsaw’s M. Her corpse is later discovered by Rigg and the FBI. Kerry’s first name is Allison, as seen on a file observed by Rigg.

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