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It’s been BUSY lately here! I’m sure you all are wondering what’s happening behind the scenes. I’m held accountable by fellow sufferers-er I mean, writers. The great thing is that I pound out those words. The not so great thing is I don’t edit.

When this sucker is done, there will be a lot of revising. But it will be DONE. As a result of this push, I’ve pounded out tons of word count and will definitely make my goal for this month. The best part is that I finally got Kevin back on The Bering Sea crab fishing which was the way the series was intended to be. He’s a much happier character as evidenced by the ease of which I’ve written his story this time.

Pamela is a fem dom. There’s not a submissive bone in her body. Inside, she’s frantically avoiding a fact she doesn’t want to face. Loneliness makes her vulnerable, as it does all of us, but Pamela doesn’t do vulnerable. And her counterpart, Christian, is Mr. He doesn’t get the power exchange or the BDSM dynamics. Pamela has been bugging me for MONTHS and I just didn’t want to write her.

I’m not sure if it’s because I suck at writing female dominants or because readers just don’t like male submissives. Paul was a reluctant, even rebellious submissive. Chris is a confused I-didn’t-know-it-could-be-like-this submissive. Both are dominant in their real lives, but sexually, they like a woman who controls everything. Can you tell I REALLY have to write this story?

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