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If like me you are studying and want to hear specific books or chapters then it's really not properly set up for this. Instead it's a laborious task of searching using fast forward which is not practical. All International orders are shipped at a discounted international rate based on the weight of the products purchased. The Audible version is not so good however.

Jakes, whose voice was heard in the New Testament, returned as Abraham in Genesis. At the beginning section of one of the last ones there is also a section that is recorded over in a fast voice. It's great to listen to when you are in a place where you can not read even better when you can follow along in your Bible. Told in the audacious voice her fans adore, Jenifer describes a road to fame made treacherous by dysfunction and undiagnosed mental illness, including a sex addiction.

It is all that I was expecting and much more. Spellbinding creative excellence. There is however a lot of background noises for effect like running water or crowds murmuring as the characters speak.

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Are we missing something in this ancient sacrament? And is it possible not to do it for the old testament when you guys do the project. The only thing is that it is somewhat hard to follow when you want to grab your bible and follow along as they read it. This is a recording I will come back to again and again!

Has increased my Bible Study pleasure tenfold. Hope this helps anyone considering the purchase. Best-selling author and national radio host Dr.

Listening is Like Being There If you ever wondered how you could get through more chapters, this rendition is for you! No titles to any books on this audio.

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What a blessed way to end one day and prepare for the next! Nineteen parts with no titles. If you ever wondered how you could get through more chapters, this rendition is for you!

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It also makes the word of God very enjoyable to listen too. Beni and Bill Johnson - best-selling authors and senior leaders of Bethel Church in Redding, California - had a miraculous revelation while celebrating communion. It is truly an experience and a personal walk through the Bible. Also you can find Christian gifts, music, video, dvd and other best selling Christian products from Christmas to Church growth. My biggest gripe, and it really is a shame cause there has been a lot of work been put into this, is the chapters and books are not separated on the audio.

Yes, both of these items feature Today's New International Version text. Good but also disappointed I loved the narration but wish the whole book was divided into books of the bible instead of chapters, i. If God can take David - the invisible eighth son of a forgotten family - and turn him into a king, just imagine what magnificent plans he has for redeeming your life. However, this is not the complete Old Testament as noted by other reviewers.

However, if your intention is to simply listen to the audio systematically and not use it for study purposes then i can highly recommend it. Gone are the days of dry reading sessions!

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The Bible Experience is truly theater of the mind and spirit. The Bible Experience recordings don't offer as much drama. Reading the Bible brings inspiration in our daily lives. If a modern multimedia production experience is what you're after, enjoy the fine voices and often dynamic dramatized readings. On the other hand, fast browsers certain drawbacks are recognized by different customers themselves.

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We ship everything from our Tallahassee, Florida location. Among these famous personalities include Samuel L. Many people are once more touched by the beautiful portrait of each Bible character that provides a more dramatic version of the Bible.

The Bible Experience has shed much light on the word of God. It was Gary Durdin Dourdan.

Long as Joel among others. It's the word of God after all.

So far I love everything about it except the music. And Denzel said, absolutely, we have to do it.

If you knew how many people I have introduced and are buying it you would be surprised. It's like listening to a movie complete with sound effects, and music that adds to the atmosphere. The Bible Experience breaks new ground in the presentation of the Bible. The Bible Experience Free Download.

The whole presentation is professional and brings to life in a new way the Bible and its characters. This historic production features original music by the Prague Symphony Orchestra and Hollywood-style sound created at Technicolor Studios. Now, the full Bible is available. He offers biblical lessons to aid in combating bad habits and limiting patterns so the best version of ourselves emerges. This is truly the greatest story ever told, with a brilliant list of superb readers.

Thank you christianaudio and zondervan team! This is one of the best purchases I have ever made. Site owner may receive compensation for products on this site. Underwood and Washington, on the other hand, are different cases.