It offers the user notification about profile runs, creation and more, scripting functions as well as automatic drive failure detection S. The solution lets the user backup pictures, movies, and music files. The solution helps the user automatically transfer media files to and from portable devices.

Download SyncBackProSyncBackPro Review Worth The Cost

SyncBackPro Review Worth The Cost

SyncBack 7 Review Sync everything nearly everywhere

Try the program and you will probably be happily surprised. Once configured, each profile can be set to automatically run if desired. This can also happen to while directories or simply a batch of files. This feature works with the software keeping an exact replica of the document in two places.

SyncBackPro Review Worth The Cost

Dropbox vs Google Drive vs Onedrive. Select files and folder to sync and then if you wish to go into more advanced selections, the terms are laid in simple terms so that a non techie can understand. Making it cost effective for a small business or personal consumer who has multiple devices. License pricing license pricing if provided by the software vendor. Why always sending email about credit card when we use paypal?

There may be some hunting and searching while becoming familiar with the interface, which is where the help videos really shine. There is a tremendous amount of versatility in how you configure the software, for example just copying to another locations, or keeping two folders in sync. Does more than I ever expected. Flaming or offending other users.


Hi, this concerns payment issues rather than SyncBackPro. When a consumer purchase a SyncBackPro license, it is good for up to five machines. To sum up, wwe games for pc 2010 full version SyncBackPro proves to be a good solution for people interested in creating a fail-safe for all the information stored on your computer. Completely new modern and clean user interface with an optional dark mode.

Creating a new profile is simple. We do like that users can purchase one license and use it on up to five machines. Your email address will not be published. All with a low price point.

Overall, we found this to be a useful product. File sync and backup application for Windows that enables individuals and small businesses to schedule backups and analyze data. It offers support online and training via documentation. Pros Does more than I ever expected. Start up, Small business, Medium business, Large business.


Pulling files back down was much easier and we ran into no real issues with the task. SyncBackPro is used by individuals, small businesses, as well as mission-critical organizations across the globe such as hospitals, law enforcement agencies, and government departments. Comprehensive features for the power user.

This software makes it very easy to schedule syncing or backing up to another drive even external drives as well as to online storage sites. Sync Back pro feels a bit expensive since only use a couple features not included in syncback free. Some of its core features include remote sync.

SyncBack also has a filter function that lets you limit which files are copied. Pros Syncs to online destinations Batch operations ross-platform background client. Syncback Pro Windows syncing. If you need more features, such as backing up to OneDrive for Business, you'll need to move into a paid version.

Considerable advice was given that same day about what may have occurred e. Consumers can try the software before they purchase by selecting the day free trial program. Only just today did I discover whole folders missing.

Who Uses This Software

More summary detail also provided. Small and unpretentious yet powerful application.

For secure backup of a large number of files. However, if a user chooses to make additional ones, he must select Profiles from the top menu then select the next option. They told me I have to contact paypal because it must be issue with them. Phone support for purchase is poor, Paypal good.

SyncBack 7 Review Sync everything nearly everywhere

Addicted to the sweet torment of tech, Denise enjoys researching and writing various topics on technology and socio-economic issues, with a strong focus on the cloud industry in particular. Since email is one of the most common things lost on accident, SyncBackupPro now supports backup with both Fast Backup and Microsoft Exchange. Full localization of the environment into the Czech language and many others. Backing up and synchronizing files is an important step to ensuring that nothing ever gets lost.

It's easy to use, though the icons could be more intuitive. View full list of File Sync Software.

Who Uses This Software

For a user that has never had SyncBack, it might be beneficial to use one of the many tutorials to help get started. In response, the user stated the serial continued to be shown as banned without providing information about the actions he had taken, and that we required to help resolve the problem. Then the payment was not success.

This window keeps the user up-to-date on anything that may be slowing down the computer during the transfer of data. The solution helps the user backup, synchronize, and restore data files. These features are, of course, in addition to the standard options allowing users to detect changes in file or fold name, giving consumers the option to correct these difference. SyncBack works via profiles, a.

Not Likely Extremely Likely. Is the system sucks all infos of your paypal account? The solution is only installed in the Windows computer to backup any data across multiple operating systems. Syncback pro is really great program lets you configure several profiles for different purpouse.

What do you need to know about free software? Full-featured and generally works well. Also there is the ability to skip or ignore changes and copy in-use files. Lot of emails sent with same copy paste from them speaking about credit card when I'm using Paypal. It also now shows the total time a profile was paused.

GoodSync is a file synchronization and server backup solution same way as SyncBackPro. Highly useful if, say, you should wish to copy all the jpeg files in a folder, but not the movie files. Do they grab your password also? However, upon doing a review of how useful others found their help, they were left less than satisfied. It has more options than you can shake a stick at, but keeps them safely tucked away in dialogs where new users can't cause havoc with them.