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Polaris as the two principal stars for navigation at night. Canopus and sun wind and light gz brown pdf far southern stars in 724 AD.

Low on the horizon, they acted as stellar compasses to assist mariners in charting courses to particular destinations. Polynesian night sky into two hemispheres. Food was offered to the star on its appearance. This name has several mythologies attached to it.

Milky Way and so turned it sideways and rose before it. The same name is used for other stars and constellations throughout Polynesia. Canopus only when it was the last star visible before sunrise. Appearing late in winter skies, it heralded increasing winds and a time when trees lose their leaves. Stock owners knew it was time to put their sheep with rams.

South Africa, Canopus and Sirius signalled the appearance of termites and flying ants. They also believed that stars had the power to cause death and misfortune, and they would pray to Sirius and Canopus in particular to impart good fortune or skill. Duck”, with Castor and Pollux representing his hands. Achernar and Alpha Centauri, noting “Now, therefore, there are but three Stars of the first magnitude that I could perceive in all those parts which are never seene here in England. The first of these is that bright Star in the sterne of Argo which they call Canobus. The second is in the end of Eridanus. The third is in the right foote of the Centaure.

Canopus and Sirius are both visible high in the sky simultaneously, and reach the meridian just 21┬áminutes apart. Canopus can be seen by naked eye already in the early twilight. 31′ from the Pacific coast. 15 where 0 is a blue-white, indicating it is essentially white, although has been described as yellow-white.

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