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It's a real pain if you don't have admin permissioning and are unable to unlock pages on demand. Every Web site consists of pages and Sitefinity Web sites are no exception.

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But I'd rather build a website on something simple that helps me deliver business value to my clients, and doesn't require my involvement for simple, day-to-day operations. For example, the News module has a NewsView control which displays news created through the News module. These controls are added to the page toolbox by default and you can use them out of the box. Ease of use, developer friendly, admin friendly, user friendly, modularity, mobile ready, scalable, builtin multilanguage support, secury, user management, quick development. Knowledge Base Get started with Sitefinity faster and more easily.

Build pages and forms faster with an amazing drag-and-drop user experience. Try the free trial of Sitefinity first. See Trademarks for appropriate markings.

It is also easy to clone pages and edit text. To be efficient while working with Sitefinity it is advisable to get to know the underlying architecture before actual development has been started. The company has a very large footprint both within mid-sized companies over employees and Fortune customers.

Sitefinity Building Parts. Not easy to use for non-developer users.

While the locked page issue can be annoying, it does help prevent unwanted changes from being saved or pushed live. Toggle navigation Microsoft Gold Partner providing flexible, customized technology solutions for any size enterprise.

Sitefinity by Progress Software. We ended up not using many of the features we thought we needed for Sitefinity so the price wasn't worth it for us. Forums Get assistance from the Sitefinity team and community. It's a great tool but if I am asked in my job if I would recommend sticking with it, I will have no problem recommending something else to save a ton of money on licensing, sadly. Complex, confusing, wanted song old-fashioned.


The price is the main issue. Complexity, complexity, complexity. If none of these controls satisfy the needs of your development, you have an option to extend the toolbox with your own controls. It is easier than ever to create anything from a small business website to a large, full-featured e-commerce web experience.

A Fair Review of the Top Web CMS Platforms - Sitefinity

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The support team has always been very useful and responds within a reasonable amount of time. Great, easy to use landing page platform.

Blogs How-to articles, the latest news, training videos, announcements and industry trends. In what ways are you using the platform? This seems like much better use of my time and my client's budget. Other types of controls are module controls. Museums and Institutions, employees.

Their software is very easy to use and is a good value for the cost. Documentation Explore Sitefinity features in detail.

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It's highly extensible, high-performing and easy to use. Module Controls Other types of controls are module controls. Pages, which contain Controls, are the central place of the whole application. They don't respond, they don't like their customers, all they want is the quick Dollar. What would you say are your biggest business goals using this platform and in what ways are you seeing results?

Whitepapers Explore research findings or tips about a certain business issue. There are so many issues with getting logged out and pages being unintentionally locked.

A Fair Review of the Top Web CMS Platforms - Sitefinity

Sitefinity also comes with the complete suite of Telerik award-winning RadControls. Learn from the experts how to use Sitefinity's best-in-class features and functionality. As a result, we have many more web pages than ever before. Innovative Architects specializes in using leading edge, yet proven technologies to build practical solutions to business problems - of which Sitefinity is a great fit.

Our website looks very modern and slick. Very difficult to find helpful documentation and lacking the benefits of an open source community. While not all RadControls are added to the toolbox by default, they can be easily added through web. Quite a poor piece of software, unfortunately.

It is secure between applications as well. The first step in our process is a Sitefinity Discovery Session, providing a unique opportunity to discuss your vision and business goals surrounding Sitefinity. Themes are applied to a page.