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As a witness to the murder, Deloris goes on the run to the police, Lt. She learns of Vince's true business as a gangster when she walks in on him killing one of his employees who wronged him. Was this review helpful to you?

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Deloris tells her that she doesn't need her to do that, and that she can do it all herself if she really wants to. As Deloris Van Cartier, a would-be disco diva in s Philly who goes on the lam when the bullets start flying, she truly comes into her own when Deloris sheds her purse full of wisecracks. Horrified, Deloris runs away and Shank orders his men to get her and bring her back. When the two nuns arrive they see how fun things can be outside of the convent.

The storefronts on the opposite side of the street were redressed to give the appearance of a run-down neighborhood. Back at the convent Deloris is bored by the simple life of the nuns and decides to hit the town.

Audible Download Audio Books. Chasuble after the priest in The Importance of Being Earnest. Horrified, Deloris runs away and Jackson orders his men to get her and bring her back. But, she soon gets a call from Eddie.

The rest of the movie plays out in a fairly standard manner, but it still highly amusing. The plot of the movie is fairly basic. Eddie decides that Deloris needs to go into the witness protection program and sends her to the place he believes Jackson will never find her - a convent. Jackson orders his boys to get into the convent and bring Deloris to him.

Best Actress in a Musical. When a Jamaican sprinter is disqualified from the Olympic Games, he enlists the help of a dishonored coach to start the first Jamaican Bobsled Team. There's less deft comedy, but much more music, most of it indebted to the s, where the action is now set. Najimy felt it encroached on her First Amendment rights and asked the director to come up with something different.

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Watch our trailer of trailers. Best Performance by a Leading Actress in a Musical. Not wishing to risk the group's lives, Deloris prepares to sacrifice herself, and even Vince and his men have difficulty bringing themselves to shoot Deloris while she's in a nun's habit. Suddenly there is a fight in the bar which has to be broken up by Eddie and the Mother Superior, who orders the nuns to go back to the convent. After a long period of not fitting in anywhere in the convent, the Reverend Mother finally decides to put Delores in the choir.

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Deloris does so and teaches the nuns how to sing in key and on time. As such, Eddie has to hide her until the trial, which will be at least two months. Douglas had optioned a book called A Nun in the Closet, which they turned into a screenplay and submitted to the studio.

Cheri Steinkellner Bill Steinkellner. It helps that the show boasts a genuine star turn by newcomer Patina Miller as aspiring singer Deloris Van Cartier.

Best Theatre Choreographer. Poster for the West End production. Eddie and Mother Superior meet them back at the convent. Deloris is overjoyed as she believes her boyfriend is going to introduce her to a record producer on that day, although she soon learns that this is not to be.

The thing is as shallow as the Aral Sea. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Mother Superior and Deloris come to a truce and accept that perhaps they are not so different after all.

Though the order of the nuns in the film is hinted at being a Carmelite one by Sister Mary Patrick, their religious habit is similar in appearance to that of the Sisters of St. Sister Mary Patrick, who has seen what has happened, informs the other nuns who insist they must go and help Deloris. Deloris, given the name Sister Mary Clarence as part of her cover, computer able ebooks struggles to adapt to austere convent life. She alleged that a movie executive expressed an interest in the rights to the movie after she wrote a three-page synopsis.

The run sets this as an annual event which the organizers hope will grow year after year. For other uses, see Sister Act disambiguation. Where Eddie chooses is St.

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Deloris is also looking forward to the occasion, although the Mother Superior calls her over and tells her that Shank's men have just come looking for her and she must leave quickly. Mother Superior arrives and tells Deloris that the court date for Jackson has moved up to the next day and she must leave immediately. Mother Superior confronts Deloris, telling her that she must conform to the life of the nuns. The production used it for exteriors and some interior shooting and also built a replica of its rooms on a sound stage at Silvercup Studios in Queens. In addition to the hefty asking price, the new owner will also have to cope with uninvited guests.

She, however, only has her current job being hired by her married lover, Vince LaRocca, to sing in his casino's lounge. Curt Holman, writing for the Atlanta-based website CreativeLoafing.

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