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He worked as a lawyer until his retirement.

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Seni would spend the next two years vigorously carrying out a personal campaign against Pridi. Although the Thai ambassador in London delivered Thailand's declaration of war to the British administration, Seni refused to do so. Instead, he considered organising a resistance movement in the United States. Northeastern populist politicians like Tiang Sirikhanth and Bangkok newcomers like Sanguan Tularaksa were not people the aristocratic Seni preferred to associate with. Seni's final term was a time of crisis in the nation.

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James, Foreign Affairs Advisor to the Advisor to the Thailand government Seni returned to his job as a lawyer, but remained active in the Democrat Party during the period of military rule. However, he found his position as the head of a cabinet packed with Pridi's loyalists quite uncomfortable. Later, he was transferred to the Foreign Ministry and in was sent to the United States as Thai ambassador.

Seni Briefs - Briefs

Many chose to stay following the Thai declaration of war in January, refusing repatriation. They, in turn, viewed Seni as an elitist who was entirely out of touch with Thailand's political realities. The ambassador and his staff unanimously decided to cast their lot with the Allies. This enabled him to tap into the frozen Thai assets. After returning to Thailand he studied Thai Law, and following six months as a trainee at the Supreme Court, he started to work at the Justice Civil Court.

Seni advanced plans to mobilise Thai volunteers in support of the Allies. Seni soon got his revenge, however. As part of the deal, Seni was awarded a cabinet portfolio in Khuang's coup-installed cabinet. Most, like Seni, dilemmas morales hipoteticos yahoo dating saw their nation as a victim of Japanese aggression.

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