Ronson standard lighter dating, can you guys please help me date this

Vintage Ronson

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Early Standard Lighter with telescopic wick for pipe. It was the most expensive standard model by Lancel. Early version of the mid junior -sized ball lighter with early Standard fitment.

Be careful, there are more small parts in there that can go flying if you let the spring go carelessly. Interesting semi-automatic table lighter. He's one of those guys who doesn't price his stuff in his display cases, which bugs me so I've usually avoided him.

Ronson standard lighter dating
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The earliest versions of Ronson Crown had a red felt pad around the base rim, the others have a green one. Based on your description I would say it goes with Ronson Waldorf. There are many lighter collecting websites, and some dedicated to Ronsons.

It reminds one of a Thorens with a reverse mechanism. It works, great condition needs cleaning? Is there a safety to stop it from opening, and therefore prohibit a flame? Phantastic engine turning. Engraving of a Whisky producer.

To put it in again, a push lever unlocks the way. The lighter couldn't have been made later than the early s. Patented by Fritz Deimel in Germany.

Kent Belanger kbelanger nyc. Spring loaded cap, opening catchy activated by pushing the thumb-wheel. Where can I find a blowup picture of how the striker wheel gears are configured?

Lighters made after that date wouldn't have been marked with an expired patent number. Found in storage locker amongst many more treasures. Unusual squeeze action with minimal but reliable mechanism. Patented by Charles Bernhardt in application in in Vienna.

Semi-automatic pocket lighter with horizontal rack transport. Works with petrol and fusee. First produced between and Newark, N.

We'd go along for the ride sometimes just to have something to do. The market prices of the described table lighters are constantly monitored and brought up to date which means this blog offers you the best idea of the estimated price for you lighters. You didn't ask for an appraisal, but let me say my only concern from a what's-its-value standpoint is the apparent amount of wear and tear. Sold by Dunhill Paris to Algeria tax plate.

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Patented in Austria in by Arthur Dubsky. It is completely shinny only the felt is missing from the bottom. The Chicago model is much harder to find than the New York version.

This lighter features a unique automatic mechanism. Complete set with lighter, box, firefighter instruction sheet and cap supply. Early Petrol refill bottle for lighters.

Ronson Lighter Updated to More then I ever Expected

Re Can you date this Ronson Lighter

  1. Someone who just appreciates vintage items do we know anyone like that around here?
  2. Josef Kluss in Austria ca.
  3. If the lighter guy still has it, I'll ask him.

Interesting torch lighter with highly unusual pull action. Automatic lighter with propelling pencil and adjustable clamp. To operate, the button needs to be pushed hard.

It comprises the first French tax plate sold in France. Unusual embossed decorative pattern. The quick and firm opening of the lid activates the mechanism. Is it worth anything or shall i sling it out?

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  • Wonderful semi-automatic pocket lighter with large flint wheel producing a strong spark.
  • The Ronson Crown is very common even mint in box.
  • This is the table version with a larger actuator.

The watchwinder is used to adjust the fusee. The poor condition and fair condition are not taken into account. Semi-automatic with horizontal grater. Large semi-automatic table lighter, activated on the nose, in shape of a Sabre-jet.

Ronson standard lighter dating

The engraving enables accurate dating. Lovely embossed hunting motive. Origin is likely to be Germany. Patented in Austria in by Karl Rambousek.

Can you guys please help me date this

Automatic variant of the Orlik wind-proof lighter. You will also find books, catalogs, patents and magazine advertisements on lighters! Very similar to the Fulmen Pinel from Belgium.

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