Print to adobe pdf producing a log file

File formats are the language of a computer’s memory. Choosing the right format for the print to adobe pdf producing a log file information we want to store is one important step in making good use of computers and minimising problems.

This book tries to help you choose the file format best suited to its use. Somewhat more troublesome is the exchanging of address information between email software. This article gives tips for creating files in a manner which makes them easy to preserve and later access, and for avoiding pitfalls that could make your files difficult to access later. That is an area of study in itself, and is not the subject of this article. Both future proofing of information and the media it is stored on are vital in any thorough review of your IT systems.

Will you be able to read the files you’re working on now in 5 years time? Do you know if all the old files you have now are still readable? The chance of electronic files being readable in 5 or 10 years is not something to leave up to chance. Active intervention is needed in most cases.

For an explanation of terminology read the section “Formats for storing electronic information”. Audio has containers with codecs in together they form a format. Flac container with flac audio. MP3 Can contain mp3 audio. Video also has containers with codecs in together they form a format. Or perhaps you switched from one operating system to another, from Amiga to Windows, or Windows to Macintosh. Stated simply, file formats for different software far too often leave your information scrambled in a way you cannot decipher again years later.

If this seems a bit theoretical to you then here are some stories to illustrate the issue of choosing the right format for your information. A tourist walks into a very nice restaurant in a lovely village in the French countryside and mutters in English “Are you still serving lunch? No one reacts, so he says louder, “Do you have a TABLE where I might DINE? Recognizing a few words and realizing that the tourist must only speak English or isn’t interested in trying his French, one of the employees goes off to find someone who might be able to help this ignorant tourist. After a long delay, someone comes, interprets his request and finds him a seat in the restaurant. The tourist is handed a menu. The helpful interpreter is called back and the tourist has the whole menu explained to him and is finally ready to order a meal.

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