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With fully integrated, robust universal sampling for trouble-free measurements and portability options, Spectrum Two is ideal for use in both laboratory and remote testing environments. Instruments supported by SpectraWiz. Additional software packages are available.

Spectrum 10 STD

Inactivate Reactivate Preferred Client. Hi, I'd like to share a Terra Universal link with you. Works the way you want it to! We are often asked about Shimadzu and Hitachi.

Thank you for creating your profile for immediate free access. Object-level integration with Windows software. Your data are never released. Infrared spectroscopy is particularly suitable for the identification of materials, even when the differences between the materials are subtle variations in complex mixtures. Check out this surprising YouTube video.

Scantraq Advantages With its built-in Development System Scantraq enables rapid and economical implementation of spectroscopy-based solutions. One Program - Many Instruments. The special educational resource pack facilitates teaching of traditional synthetic chemistry analysis as well as modern applications, such as recycling. The instruments listed below are directly supported. This lowers training costs and provides a consistent interface for measurements from various instruments.

We hope to provide you with useful information and products that will make your project a success. Application software for measuring hydrocarbon levels.

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FTIR Spectroscopy

See how Scantraq interfaces with ancillary hardware and software like Excel. We suggest you contact Mono Instruments.

Infrared Spectroscopy (FT-IR)

Our software team can do custom software development for you. The Wave List is useful for spectra with differing characteristics in different bands, i. It is impossible to put all the available options on this web site. Blue Prices show stock on hand.

IR Spectrometers

The requirement for accurate determination and monitoring of hydrocarbon levels in our environment spans many industries. Clicking many times to perform frequent operations can be frustrating. Please edit your address or continue with your profile for free access.

Instrument Settings Scan methods are edited in Scantraq and uploaded as required. Ability to develop turnkey applications and control other devices.

Spectrum 10 STD

Your profile will be confirmed by email. The Film Thickness Module enables users to quickly and automatically obtain film thickness in cases where films are thick enough to display fringes.

Why buy Scantraq when you already have PerkinElmer or Cary software? This reduces or eliminates the need to use ChemStation software for diagnostic purposes. The plug-and-play feature of our software allows for smart sampling accessory recognition.

We refurbish our gas cells to near new condition at a reasonable price. Feel free to call, fax or e-mail us. OilExpress also uses less than half the solvent required by competing systems, dramatically reducing day-to-day operating costs and making laboratories more competitive. We have the ability to pull a team of experts and manufacturing capabilities together to solve most any project.

We also can put together a custom system that will meet your application requirements. One must remember that necessity is the mother of invention.

The Wave List is also useful for devices whose specifications are defined at particular laser wavelengths. These differences, especially the cetane reduction, require that adequate control of the biofuel concentration be implemented. Our goal is to support you and your coworkers, boss, and customers. Compact and transportable, the Spectrum Two is an ideal spectrophotometer for field-based analysis. Our Hitachi support is only for legacy models.

Custom procedures including Scan Macros with what to do next prompts in any Windows-compatible language. If we do not know the answer, istqb foundation level book we know where to get the answer.

We have access for many spare parts for these instruments. While film index must be known with reasonable accuracy, the substrate index is not required. To send to more recipients, please Log In.