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This article has multiple issues. Wikipedia’s norms and to be inclusive of all essential details. A person using virtual reality equipment is able to “look around” the artificial world, move around in it, and interact with virtual features or items. The term “virtual” has been used in the computer sense of “not physically existing but made to appear by software” since 1959. The additional software-generated images with the virtual scene typically enhance how the real surroundings look in some way. 1994, was intended for the development of “virtual worlds” without dependency on headsets.

1997 for the development of industry standards for web-based 3D graphics. These components led to relative affordability for independent VR developers, and lead to the 2012 Oculus Rift kickstarter offering the first independently developed VR headset. 3D objects and environments in VR applications. The Sensorama was released in the 1950s. The exact origins of virtual reality are disputed, partly because of how difficult it has been to formulate a definition for the concept of an alternative existence. Elements of virtual reality appeared as early as the 1860s.

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