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Budhay Waray Ve Ishaq is finalized on Nargis. Tare Gin Gin Yaad Ch Teri is a fast music punjabi song in male's voice, and deedar is dancing on this punjabi dast song. Pakistani sexy girl is dancing on Ve Karan main Slam Sajna punjabi song, this is not a so famous song but sexy girl dance is so great.

In this youtube video punjabi pakistani mujra a cute new mujra dancing pakistani model is performing mujra with a guy. Hina Shaheen is wearing a tight pent and T shirt in this video Papi Chulo song.

In this youtube home made dance video three aunties and three guys are dancing on an Indian song Bhootni kay, bhootni kay song is filmed in Akshay Kumar's hindi bollywood movie. Boy and Girl are doing sexy scenes on this song in this youtube video clip. Nargis Sister is also a great dancer, Nargis is looking so sexy in this dance video, i am also fan of Nargis. Main suha Jora Paya Teri Farmaish te.

Shameen is looking so cool in this video, and shameen is wearing pink dress in this sexy hot youtube video clip. Chan Chana Chan great punjabi song.

Tenu Bechain Tenu Bechain nigahwan is a beutiful old paki punjabi mujra song by madam noor jahan. Here is the great Pakistani mujra Thandi Thandi Raat Da Swad le mundya, alvin and the chipmunks full movie in hindi in this youtube video clip mujra a very beautiful girl is dancing on this punjabi song mujra. In this youube video mujra girl is dancing mujra near the pool.

This youtube video clip is a Wedding Shadi Mujra of Lahore. We will share more youtube mujras videos Here related about Pakistani Mujra without Clothes.

Dildar Sadqy song detail

She did not wear any other thing. Nargis is Wearing a so sexy and hot dress in this pakistani urdu youtube mujra. Thus These gashti larkian call girls of Heera Mandi Lahore earns money by dancing sexy and hot mujra. Deedar is wearing pink dress and doing stage performance on Asan Kundi Nai Kholni punjabi song. Nargis and deedar are sister in real life.

Dildar Sadqy song detail

You can Watch many old Artists and actors in this youtube video song. These call girls Gashti Larkian live in Lahore Heera Mandi and they said to us that Dancing and mujra is their native profession. In this Youtube video clip mujra song many stage artists are performing on the stage with Nargis, nargis is wearing pink dress in this Pakistani Punjabi Mujra song.

Nida Chaudhry wearing White Pant and pink shirt in this sexy song. Sun Wanjli Di is a very beautiful song. So Watch Now This sharabi Indian song, we have shared more sharabi dances and song, for watch more sharabi songs and dances watch below in related posts.

Pakistani Mujra March

This is a Full Sexy And Hot mujra, I never seen any sexy hot mujra like this, girl is kissing and hugging to the boy and doing full sexy moments with boy. Mujay Soch K Haath Lagana, In this slide show mujra Reema, nargis, Meera, veena malik, resham, sana, saima and other pakistani actress pictures. Disco Dancer Song was very famous in old time.

Noor Jahan Punjabi Video Song Download Lagu MP3 & MP4

This video is taken from youtube, it is a sexy Pakistani girl Dance Mujra video on a punjabi song, in this mujra video the pakistani sexy girl is showing and shaking her body, and moving her chest. Janj Tur Pai Wajay Nal is a very famous pakistani mujra song and it is mostly uses in mixing of Wedding ceremony movies. In this youtube video punjabi pakistani mujra deedar slim and smart hot dancer is dancing mujra on Asi Ainj Dholna Jinwain Hansan De Joree Punjabi song.

Raatan Kalyan Guzariyan Na Gaiyaan Noor Jehan BardashtPakistani Mujra March

Suha Jora is a very great and hit Punjabi movie. She is Showing her everything in this sexy video. He is Brother of Qaiser Shah hot model boy.

We will share more Sharabi Mujras here beacuse these kind of mujras are very rare on the web therefor will will update these Mujras regularly. Here is again we shared Papi Chulo song, but now Deedar is dancing on Papi Chulo song, deedar is dancing on papi chulo song with punjabi styles and punjabi steps.

Sheeza is a beautiful pakistani actress and stage performer and dancer. Chan Chana Chan is a pakistani punjabi mujra song, and in this video clip nargis and deedar are dancing together on this Chan Chana Chan mujra.

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Bismillah Karan is a great song of saraiqi language, but now so many singers remixed Bismillah Karan Song. Aunties doing good job on this private mujra. This is very very sexy and hot Mujra song video youtube clip of resham, watch what is Resham doing in this movie song mujra youtube clip.

Kali kurti day thalay Agg ishqay de ballay seenay lag kay bujha sajna Teray Nere Khaloti Kenda mathli da moti Kali kurti day thalay. But Sohnya ve Jeevain man monhya. Pakistani Punjbai girl is wearing blue color dress. Nida is a cute artist, i like her so much.