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Recent attention has focused on the potential of using open capillary tubes for liquid chromatography. This conflict can be largely resolved by using a column of ribbon-like instead of myers for ap bolt unit 12 pdf-like bore. In this study, we have developed theoretical expressions for the comparison of OPPC and open capillary tube systems.

However, a comparison based on the theory of Knox and Gilbert, which requires that columns be compatible with the dead volume of available detectors, shows that OPPC systems have a potential analysis speed advantage ranging from about 100- to 300-fold. 100 μm, 78 μm, 56 μm, and 13 μm. Check if you have access through your login credentials or your institution. It is at the express wish of the authors that abbreviations are used throughout the text. Present address: Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai, China. 1983 Published by Elsevier B.

While there is much opinion about the work of individual inventors — most of it either highly dismissive or hopelessly romantic — very little is actually known about their work or about what sort of individuals invent. This paper is based on the second of two research studies carried out in Australia. The first sought, by means of an extensive survey, to discover something about the characteristics and motivation of individuals who invent, or, more accurately, who apply for patents. The second built upon this work in an effort to determine whether the work of individuals was especially different from that of formal research units. Individual inventors do generally work in different areas from research units, but their work seems to be valued most by those units when it is most similar to the units’ own research. However, when comparison can be made, the individual’s work is regarded as less professional than formal research.

Although research units seem to have little contact with individual inventors, do not usually hold their work in high esteem, and would normally be quite capable of devising their inventions within the unit, they do show an interest in the patents of individuals and sometimes license from them. Individual inventors are remote from the innovative process in which the research unit is expected to play a part. It remains uncertain whether the distinctive nature of their work makes it worthwhile drawing individual inventors closer to that innovative process. Research for this project was funded by a Social Science Research Grant from the University of Queensland. The research assistance of Geok Latham is gratefully acknowledged, as is the assistance of Chris Collier and his staff at the Brisbane Patent Office, and G.

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