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1000 and released in November 1985. As author Dan Silva added features to Prism, it was developed as a showcase product to coincide with the Amiga’s debut in 1985. EA to create version 4. Version 5 was the last release after Commodore’s bankruptcy in 1994. While widely used on the Amiga, these formats never gained widespread end user acceptance on other platforms, but were heavily used by game development companies. Brent Iverson and released in 1987.

Deluxe Paint II Enhanced 2. 768 pixels with 16 colors. Deluxe Paint I” for historical reasons. Deluxe Paint this was most prominent.

By adjusting the color value in the palette, all pixels with that palette value change simultaneously in the image or animation. New editing modes allowed one to stencil certain colors, and perform blurs on the stencils to produce an effect that could be made to look similar to light-sourcing in a 3D program. Deluxe Paint III added the ability to create cel-like animation, and animbrushes. These let the user pick up a section of an animation as an “animbrush”, which can then be placed onto the canvas while it animates. Deluxe Paint III was one of the first paint programs to support animbrushes.

This is similar to copy and paste, except one can pick up more than one image. It appeared in both standalone and Commodore-bundled versions. 24-bit RGB color was only held in computer memory, the on-screen image still appeared in indexed color. The reliance on an indexed colour model allowed for a different way of working, not found on many paint programs since.

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