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This is always ml for the working programmer pdf download of charge. Sync your files with the cloud! SKYLINK SC-100 USER INSTRUCTIONS Pdf Download. SC-100 Security System pdf manual download.

Your Guide to the Total Protection Alarm System MODEL: SC-100 The SC-100 Total Protection Alarm System contains all the above items. You have just purchased one of the most reliable and up-to-date wireless security systems on the market today. This innovative technology provides increased security and trouble free wireless connections which greatly reduces false alarms. PLANNING YOUR HOME SECURITY NEEDS Before you begin to install your security system, analyze the premises to deter- mine your security needs. Consider those doors and windows which are more likely to be used as points of entry by an intruder, the ones that are poorly lit or the entrances that can not be seen from the street. Attach the unit to the wall.

If hanging the unit, insert two screws using the template provided. If screwing the back directly to the wall, take the back plate right off by prying apart one hinge. Use as much force as needed. The plastic hinge will not break. INSTALLATION WALK TEST After mounting the sensor at the desired location, it is important to perform a walk test in order to determine if the sensor is detecting the things you want to detect.

LIGHTS AND SOUNDS Below is an explanation of the lights and sounds of the Control Panel. LIGHTS ACPWR light on System is being powered by electrical current. ACPWR light off System is not receiving any electrical power. Backup battery is connected and working. It will also send a signal to the Emergency Dialer silently which will then automatically send a prerecorded message for help.

All programming sequences start with either the MPIN or SPIN. To Change your MPIN: 1. Your SC-100 Security System is divided into five zones. The 1st four zones are displayed on the Control Panel as 4 pairs of lights, one green and the other red.

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