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This is a featured article. Click here for more information. The title of the game printed over the silhouette of a tree on a majora’s mask 3d guide pdf background.

Above the text is a drawn image of a character in a green cap holding a rod. The main plot is revealed once the player finishes both games. Link is armed with a sword and shield as well as a variety of secondary weapons and items for battling enemies and solving puzzles. The central items are the Rod of Seasons, which controls the seasons in Holodrum, and the Harp of Ages, which lets Link travel through time in Labrynna. The complexity of this system led the team to cancel one game. Critics complimented the gameplay, colorful designs and graphic quality, but criticized the inconsistent sound quality.

After Din welcomes Link to Holodrum, the sky becomes covered in black clouds. A funnel cloud drops from the sky, taking Din into its dark heights. As the tornado dissipates, the seasons of Holodrum fall into disarray and change rapidly. Maku Tree in Horon Village, the capital of Holodrum.

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