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Unsourced lost in the wilderness pdf may be challenged and removed. The locations of many lost cities have been forgotten, but some have been rediscovered and studied extensively by scientists.

Cities may become lost for a variety of reasons including natural disasters, economic or social upheaval, or war. The Spanish did not rebuild the city, and the location went unrecorded and was forgotten until it was rediscovered through a detailed examination of period letters and documents. Buried by time, the city was consigned to the realm of legend until the location was first excavated in the 1860s. Other settlements are lost with few or no clues to their decline. Prolonged drought seems the most likely explanation for their demise and the remote nature of the island meant few visitors. With the development of archaeology and the application of modern techniques, many previously lost cities have been rediscovered. Often referred to as the “Lost City of the Incas”, it is perhaps the most familiar icon of the Inca World.

Machu Picchu was built around 1450, at the height of the Inca Empire. Spanish conquistadors arrived in the area. Machu Picchu, which had been largely forgotten by everybody except the small number of people living in the immediate valley. Greek city that sank at night in the winter of 373 BCE. The city was thought to be legend until 2001, when it was rediscovered in the Helike Delta. In 1988, the Greek archaeologist Dora Katsonopoulou launched the Helike Project to locate the site of the lost city. Roman building with standing walls was brought to light.

The city was rediscovered in 2001, buried in an ancient lagoon. Later abandoned and almost totally destroyed. Later served as the capital of the Vandal Kingdom of North Africa, before being destroyed by the Arabs after its capture in 697 CE. Now a UNESCO World Heritage site. Roman city located in present-day Tunisia.

The river later returned to its original course, burying much of the city in silt and sand. Administrative capital of ancient Egypt. Capital during the 21st and 22nd Dynasties, in the Delta region. Roman city founded by the emperor Trajan around 100 CE, covered by the sand at 7th century. Capital during the 12th Dynasty. Located in the Taklamakan Desert, on the ancient Silk Road route. Off the coast of the Indian state of Gujarat.

Indus Valley Civilization site, dating back to 4600 BCE. Hispanic establishment of the Philippines and notable for having established trade relations with the Kingdom of Brunei, and with Song and Ming Dynasty China. Turkish side of the Armenia-Turkey border. Hurrian kingdom of Mitanni, its precise location is unknown. Bronze Age until Middle Ages. Thracian city, discovered and excavated in 1948.

Adriatic on the Croatian coast. Aegean, reputed site of an ancient temple still visible on the sea floor. 4th century BC and rediscovered in the 1990s. 5,000 years old, and is the oldest submerged archeological town site. Greek and Roman city south of Naples, abandoned due to climate change. Abandoned in the 8th century AD. Varyagian fort mentioned in the Norse sagas.

Flooded by the Ust-Ilimsk Reservoir in the mid-1970s. Russian fortress, first mentioned in 1372. Serbian state of Raška, abandoned in the 13th century. The location of this site remains obscure.

Ibero-Greek settlement in the Catalan shore, Spain. Mentioned by Greek, Roman and Medieval chroniclers. The site was incrementally abandoned in the 10th century. A harbor city or an economical complex of small harbors and trade routes set on the mouth of the Guadalquivir river, in modern Andalusia, Spain. Tartessos is believed to be either the seat of an independent kingdom or a community of palacial cities devoted to exporting the mineral resources of the Hispanic mainland to the sea, to meet the Phoenician and Greek traders. Its destruction is still a matter of debate among historians, and one modern tendency tends to believe that Tartessos was never a city, but a culture complex.

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