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An important distinction is to separate soundscape from linking to a pdf in keynote broader acoustic environment. All of the waveforms faithfully transmitted to our audio cortex by the ear and its mechanisms”. In many urban areas, traffic has become the keynote sound. A soundmark is a sound which is unique to an area.

Schafer wrote, “Once a Soundmark has been identified, it deserves to be protected, for soundmarks make the acoustic life of a community unique. 30-minute, uninterrupted environmental soundscapes and synthesized or processed versions of natural sound. Music soundscapes can also be generated by automated software methods, such as the experimental TAPESTREA application, a framework for sound design and soundscape composition, and others. This timbre is mimicked and reproduced using the voice or rich harmonic producing instruments.

It is important to distinguish and define certain key terms as used by the National Park Service. The acoustic environment includes sound vibrations made by geological processes, biological activity, and even sounds that are inaudible to most humans, such as bat echolocation calls. The character and quality of the soundscape influence human perceptions of an area, providing a sense of place that differentiates it from other regions. In lo-fi soundscapes everything is very close and compact. All sounds are unique in nature.

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