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Missouri Rivers, was a strategic point for commerce and security. The area played a major role in the westward expansion of the United States. Line pleading paper pdf clark county 1854, when Kansas was opened to Euro-American settlement, the Missouri-Kansas border became the first battlefield in the conflict in the American Civil War.

European to explore the lower Missouri River. Native American attack on the fort. In order to clear his name, Bourgmont wrote “Exact Description of Louisiana, of Its Harbors, Lands and Rivers, and Names of the Indian Tribes That Occupy It, and the Commerce and Advantages to Be Derived Therefrom for the Establishment of a Colony” in 1713 followed in 1714 by “The Route to Be Taken to Ascend the Missouri River. The French rewarded Bourgmont by giving him their highest honors and naming him commander of the Missouri. According to legend, the Native Americans then slaughtered everybody in the Fort Orleans garrison. 1763, but were not to play a major role in the area other than taxing and licensing all traffic on the Missouri River. The French continued their fur trade on the river under Spanish license.

Frank Bond’s illustration of the Louisiana Purchase. Kansas City, Missouri, calling it “a fine place for a fort. Because of the burgeoning trade up the Missouri River from St. Missouri River, then as a straight line running south to the northwest corner of Arkansas.

The area of the confluence of the two rivers, alternately known as the village of Kansa, Chouteau’s, Quindaro, Westport Landing, Missouri River Quay, Town of Kansas, City of Kansas and finally Kansas City, has been subject to several floods and river course changes. Since 1800, the confluence has moved about a quarter mile up the Missouri River. During 1833, only the Black Bob’s band of Shawnee resisted the relocation efforts. The language of the first European settlement in Kansas City was French. He referred to the post as “the village of the Kansa. In 1825, after Indians agreed to leave the westernmost six miles of Missouri to the confluence of the Kansas, the area was referred to as “Chouteau’s. In 1826, Chouteau moved his trading post to higher ground, Troost Avenue and the river, following a flood.

He also financed the first Catholic church, which was built on Quality Hill. As the number of farmers increased, the fur traders retreated northward. Grinter was one of the earliest permanent white settlers in the Kansas City, Kansas, area. Paseo and Troost Lake areas. The Ox Team or the Old Oregon Trail 1852-1906 by Ezra Meeker.

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