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Mansoor Khan initially wanted Kajol to play Shirley Dias but the actress rejected the offer. Prakash, in desperate need of money, plans to take over the village grounds. Newer Post Older Post Home.

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While in the Eagles territory, he spots Shirley and becomes fascinated by her heavenly beauty and elegance at first sight. Max is about to go to jail, but the truth is finally revealed by Rahul and he acknowledges Prakash's mistake.

He eventually develops a deep attraction for Shirley and decides to settle in Vasco and opens a pastry shop. Prakash's brother Rahul Chandrachur Singh is a well-educated master-chef working in Mumbai. The film marks the comeback of director Mansoor Khan after a hiatus of five years. He comes to visit Vasco after two years, intending to take his family back to Mumbai with him. Having developed a close relationship with Shirley, Rahul plans to reveal this information to her in the form of a letter, however, it falls into the hands of Prakash.

Suseela - Tragedy songs P. Unaware of his brother's schemes, Rahul visits the address listed for Mr. College Bulloda Khaleja unnoda. Prakash is a local enforcer, andy crowe pmp ebook who uses his gang to engage in underhanded activities within the Vasco real estate market.

Contemporary Bollywood Directors and Their Cinema. Meanwhile, he unknowingly becomes part of the Eagles - Bichchoo rivalry and gets closer to Shirley. Iam a bad bad boy, bad bad boy Iam a bad bad boy Iam a bad bad boy, bad bad boy ani evaru anukoni. Hema Sardesai and Shahrukh Khan. Rahul decides to tour Vasco and rediscovers his love for the city.

Rahul finds out that the ground was passed from Alberto to a woman named Mary Anne Louise. Annaochinado aluguna vennala techinado. Udit Narayan and Alka Yagnik. Max along with his beautiful and eduacted twin sister Shirley Aishwarya Rai are orphans who belong to a rowdy motorcycle crew, together with the other members of the Eagles. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Prakash plots to murder Max in order to receive Alberto Vasco's valuable land. Neeraj Vora Aatish Kapadia. The grounds historically belong to Alberto Vasco, the landlord of the entire village and the man after whom the town is named. Aamir Khan was apparently offered the role of Rahul Sharma. India portal Film portal Bollywood portal.

But the Goan ambiance will restrict its prospects in some states due to lack of identification. Max is arrested by the police and his trial puts a rift between Shirley and Rahul. The gangs are sworn enemies and have demarcated the town in order to avoid altercations.