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How to OCR text in PDF and image files? PhantomPDF is a software that allows you to convert scanned PDF and images into editable Word, Text, Excel output formats. Streamline workflow by how to ocr text foxit pdf paper contracts, agreements, and other documents to electronic PDF files – scan to PDF in one step. PDF OCR to convert scanned or image-based content into selectable, searchable, and editable text.

PDF OCR with editable text, then paragraph edit text from scanned documents, which is especially valuable when you only have hardcopy. Find and correct incorrect OCR PDF results to enable accurate file indexing for effective PDF searching. Streamline your workflow by inserting scan to PDF pages directly into your PDF document. Try PhantomPDF Free for 14 Days! Why Use a PDF Editor? View the 10 Reasons to use a PDF Editor. Which PDF Editor to Choose?

Watching this video makes this decision easy. View the product demo video. Access from your Country was disabled by the administrator. Adobe’s PDF file format has become fairly ubiquitous. Most of the scholarly journals and databases provide download access in PDF format. And when they are available in full text, books from Google Books can also be downloaded as PDFs. All this means that there’s quite a bit of reading to be done in PDF format.

This icon links to a PDF from Adobe. Making such a link to a PDF file was the only way to use the icon in accordance with the copyright guidelines posted on Adobe. PDF files, well beyond the reach of the average graduate student. Of course, Adobe has always made Acrobat Reader available to the public as a free download. And in recent years a bevy of third party programs have made it possible to view and even create your own PDF files with very little fuss.

The newest versions of Microsoft Office even allow users to save files directly to PDF format. While reading PDFs and saving PDF files has never really been easier, very few of these programs allow the user to make markups or annotations to PDF files for which you are not the original author. Adobe recently added the ability to add sticky notes and highlights to PDF files using Reader. Fortunately one of the free third-party PDF readers out there has even more features. Here’s the workflow I follow for reading this type of file.

I’m not generally one to write copious notes and other marginalia alongside the text of books are articles I read. Unless I’m truly struck by a flash of cognitive inspiration, I limit my annotations to lines drawn alongside valuable paragraphs and the occasional star next to a particularly juicy tidbit. To accomplish this with Foxit Reader, I typically read through a PDF while using the draw line tool to add simple lines along the side of the text. If I need to stop reading and close the file before I’ve finished reading it, I’ll place a bookmark where I left off so that I can easily return to that page.

Once I’ve finished, I’ll go through the document again stopping where I’ve left these marks and adding notes about them to my Zotero database. In the screen grab below I’ve added a line along one paragraph and placed a comment alongside another. Click the image above to see the full size screenshot. Acrobat Reader, or if, heaven forbid, you’ve been printing an old growth forest’s worth of paper in order to read your downloaded books and articles, Foxit Reader might be the tool for you. This advice also applies to those of you who’ve been ruining your eyes by printing journal articles out with four pages shown on each side of the paper. PDF and image viewer bundled into OS X, provides a similar collection of handy features.

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