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Jack O’Connell as James Cook. In the third series his true emotions are explored and it is revealed that his how to cook everything pdf violent lifestyle is in fact a smoke screen to cover up his real emotions. His actions often cause trouble and create havoc, affecting those around him. However, in the fourth series he begins to change his ways after a conversation with his solicitor and when he begins to realise the consequences of his actions, most notably witnessing his younger brother beginning to follow in his footsteps.

His life is then taken in a wholly other direction when he investigates the disappearance of his best friend in series four’s final episodes. Cook is an outgoing, sexually promiscuous, and in many ways self-destructive young man, who appears to have come from a troubled family background. He is an impulsive 17-year-old at the start of the series. He loves to have a good time and is constantly the life and soul of any party. Cook shows a great interest in the ladies, and all his partying can sometimes get out of hand, leading him into trouble. He loves to drink and use drugs, but whether or not he is an addict is left ambiguous to the viewers. Throughout the series, he is best friends with both Freddie and JJ, although at times, his sexual relationship with Effy Stonem drives a rift between them.

Despite his self-destructive lifestyle, Cook is unusually caring and kind-hearted – as seen in his fondness for JJ, and his kindness to Naomi and Pandora when they are in tough times. Cook was born in 1992. In “Everyone”, Cook, Freddie and JJ meet Effy the morning before they start college, all instantly falling for her. During roll-call the first day, Cook flirts with Naomi, who ignores his attempts. Cook breaks the rules, to the point of starting a fire. His reward is sex with Effy in the nurse’s office. In “Cook”, Cook invites the gang to his uncle’s pub to celebrate his seventeenth birthday which he believes will be a wild, drink-fueled event, but it backfires.

The girls decide to leave after Pandora throws up. Cook persuades them otherwise, promising drugs. Freddie gets a call from his sister, Karen, who is at her friend Kayleigh’s engagement party. Cook rounds the gang up and they head over there uninvited. Cook flirts with Kayleigh, and starts passing out drugs to his friends. He ends up angering Johnny White, Kayleigh’s father and a Bristol drug lord.

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