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Reporter Payal and Johnny are trying to get an interview with Devraj, but that fails, but soon Payal and Devraj fall in love. While Heena and Bobby are at a cruise, they accidentally end up on an island. Raj, Boney and Neelam try to clean their trail.

Jolly is busy trying to introduce his girlfriend J-Lo Zarine Khan to his own father and does not want to get involved. What happens when all the girls land in the flat at the same time? Bollywood blockbuster movies. There Jai and Jolly also let off their plan of revenge on Kapoors on Jai's father's advice. Mine Games Horror Movie Review.

Santhosh Rai Pathaje Edited by K. Now he is on a mission to unmask the truth. It's accidentally comic when you have a person with a bullet in his arm, but no one thinks of ringing for the ambulance. Joker is an Hindi comedy science fiction film directed by Shirish Kunder, youtube er 2012 and also his second directorial venture after Jaan-E-Mann. He also reveals that his real name is Jwala.

Due to Chintu's shouting, Babani suffers a heart attack, landing him in a hospital. When his decision comes home to roost, the three heroes repent their apathy and go into action mode to catch the killer. Max and Sunny become friends again, when Sunny tells him the truth about his college girlfriend who forced herself on Sunny and pretended that Sunny was touching her incorrectly. He cons everybody, even his mother, who thinks that her son works in Calcutta.

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Babani Virendra Saxena to discuss Babani's son Jai. Suspicions arise whether the accidents were just macabre coincidences. The film score was composed by Sandeep Shirodkar. Even their wives hate each other.

Anarkali Disco Chali Full SongHousefull 2

Unfortunately, this realisation comes just as Raju returns with two policemen, insisting that Shyam has robbed him. This creates a lot of confusion. But a wounded gangster tells a different story, and Devraj is set free.

Shyam and Makarand, two photographer friends, like to flirt with women constantly. After Sunny fools Chintu, Chintu calls Dabboo in excitement and tells him that his daughter, Heena, is getting married to Jolly, the son of J. Finally Bobby and Heena convince their fathers to forget their enmity and live together as blood brothers. Chintu wants the richest son-in law for his daughter, Heena, while Dabboo too wants the same for his daughter, Bobby. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.

Sajid Nadiadwala Sajid-Farhad. He badly needs the money for his friend Khadak Singh's sister's marriage. Bollywood Cricket Updates.

Luckily, Sunny convinces him. He has a familial debt with many money-lenders and has hard time with them. He uses this power to help people even though using it nearly kills him every time. They have a son named Aditya Thakur Akshay Kumar who does not have any interest in responsibility or what he wants to do in life. Jolly goes with Sunny as his bodyguard because Max and Sunny are sworn enemies and as Dabboo's house and Chintu's house are right next to each other, their plan may get destroyed.

It is the second installment of Housefull film series. Sunny and Max lie to their respective fathers-in-law that the other guy is the son of J. The group has escaped three fatal accidents. Four sons-in-law marry four brides whose fathers-in-law mistake the men for another man.

Ravi gets killed, and Amit, with the help of beaten up Payal is able to convict Devraj of the murder, who is sentenced to death. When his father, dies mysteriously, Jai's suspicion is aroused. It became a major commercial success with a worldwide gross crore rupees.

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Chintu and Dabboo join hands and so do their wives. Apparently his father died in a fire that broke out in the bank and he claims that the bank owes him the job.

The daughter attempts to outwit them, but the groom quietly and patiently hatches his own plan. The music is composed by Sajid-Wajid. Blockbuster Movie Entertainers. Enraged, Bobby and Heena slap Max and Sunny respectively and tell them that they never want to see their faces again. Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment.

After Raju leaves, Shyam discovers that he had his own wallet on him all the time. But Devraj escapes from custody, and begins to plot vengeance against his enemies, including Payal, as well as the real killer of Ravi. Asin's third most successful film. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Malaika Arora Khan makes a cameo appearance and is also featured as an Item Number and Ranjeet is featured in a special appearance.

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