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You can download apps and games easily with one click with the GetJar app as with its intuitive and simple interface. One major limitation for consumers in the U. Your email address will not be published.

Some of those categories have been divided into subcategories for easier identification of apps. You can build communities of like-minded Android users and see what your friends are downloading, as well as rate, review, and discuss various apps. Handango has been in the app-store business for years, initially selling Symbian apps and then Windows Mobile apps. The app lets you search and download any kind of apps or game as you want and the best feature lies in its quick download option.

According to GetJar, the store supports up to smartphones and feature phones the store supports Java apps, as well. Both of them need not pay anything while downloading or uploading the apps as Getjar os a freeware. Let's hope that on future major launches GetJar will be prepared to handle the excess traffic. The site also runs a deal-of-the-day feature tailored especially to your device.

While there is no question that Apple dominates the mobile application market today, Mork admits that Apple's push into applications has been a boon for GetJar, and likely for other app stores. One another greatest advantage as with this app store is it offers all the paid version for free. This is yet another important differentiator for GetJar.

It is an independent app store from where you will get hundreds and hundreds of free apps. The unknown app store leader Everyone knows that Apple has the largest mobile application store in the world, but who is second? Notify me of new posts by email. The company has not yet figured out how to bill for these applications. The easiest way to obtain apps, of course, is to go to the native app store built right into your phone, such as the Android Market or BlackBerry App World.

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The tiny company now based in Silicon Valley has done virtually no marketing. Besides this, GetJar lets you search for the apps by platforms too. The app is available for a huge list of Android, BlackBerry, and Symbian-based smartphones, and for a large number of feature phones.

GetJar The unknown app store leader

If you'd prefer to shop from your phone, you can download the GetJar app. GetJar Based on this information, GetJar is able to direct app shoppers to the applications that will work on their phones. GetJar has every other apps and game you need to access.

GetJar gets paid based on how many users download these applications. For consumers, the experience is very similar to that of a native application that has been downloaded to a smartphone. Unlike most of the other application stores that have been announced recently, GetJar's store offers mobile applications for almost any phone.

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Looking for a pocket-size power bank for charging your Android smartphone on the go? But over the years, word of the site has spread, and users all over the world come to GetJar to download different applications.

Even the paid apps are given for free as with this app store. But iPhone users can use the GetJar store to discover new applications and GetJar can redirect those users to the Apple App Store, where they can download the applications.

GetJar The unknown app store leader

At first, the site attracted mostly hard-core mobile application fans. GetJar got its start not as an application store but as a beta testing Web site for mobile developers. Using the mobile version of Handango m.

GetJar for PC Windows XP/7/8/8.1/10 and Mac Free Download

The developers are given an option to upload their apps to the GetJar app for free and thus it provides its users to access apps beyond their app store apps. It works well for both its users as well as for the app developers. Choose from a wide variety of categories of apps and search for the apps you need easily. Still, it's clear that the mass market is just starting to catch on. But GetJar does allow developers to promote their applications, and the company has developed a marketplace so that developers can bid for top promotional spots on the Web site.

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Click the thumbnail at left to view a features comparison of the third-party app stores discussed below with the native app stores of the major mobile operating systems. You can tailor the store to fit your device, geographic location, and payment method. Part of GetJar's appeal is that downloading apps from the online store is incredibly easy. Most other application stores today do not offer developers a way to promote their applications, which makes it difficult for smaller developers to get their applications noticed. But a whole other universe of third-party, independent mobile app stores are out there, too.

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We take the fragmentation out of the equation by auto-detecting what apps can run on which phones and offering consumers those applications. Like the other stores, MobiHand distributes across multiple platforms, including Android, BlackBerry, and Symbian phones. Joining the main Handango. Let it be anything from games, entertainment, to communication, social messenger and food, health, and so on. As a user, you are now advised to take a look at all the salient features of GetJar once before proceeding further.

You can also access all platforms from the main PocketGear portal. Choose the category in which you wanted to download apps, and with one click, you will be able to read the app description, view screenshots, and access the download button.

Even the novice users can navigate between its section without any prior knowledge. GetJar is one of the first and the biggest open app stores from where you can downlod millions of apps and games. Android, BlackBerry, and Symbian owners can buy apps at third-party app stores in addition to the native stores on their phones. Numerous app stores operate under the PocketGear umbrella. Be aware that not all operating systems are created equal.

With GetJar, you can learn and find many great apps for your device with ease. Handango PocketGear Handango has been in the app-store business for years, initially selling Symbian apps and then Windows Mobile apps.

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GetJar for PC Windows XP/7/8/8.1/10 and Mac Free Download

GetJar also doesn't explicitly serve apps to iPhone users, again because the iPhone platform is closed. But have you ever heard of an independent mobile app store called GetJar? But the beauty of it is that it allows any company to play in the app game from a shortcut.

For example, the Android version of the beloved game Angry Birds which held the number one spot in the iTunes App Store for many weeks debuted on GetJar rather than on the Android Market. Based on this information, GetJar is able to direct app shoppers to the applications that will work on their phones. GetJar's user interface is clean and easy to navigate. When the app became available, Android users flooded the store to download it, crashing the site. Be respectful, x manager windows 7 keep it civil and stay on topic.