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Click the View full text link to bypass dynamically loaded article content. Theoretically exact dimensions may only vary by the geometrical tolerance that is stated in the tolerance frame associated with them. They should be used when dimensioning the theoretically exact location of features for tolerances of angularity, position, profile of a line, and profile of a surface. This article has not been cited. Otherwise, the drawing would be embroidered with geometrical tolerance indications.

Before applying general tolerances, their concept must be agreed upon. Because the general tolerances are so large that they are respected in any case, there is no disadvantage in applying them to features that would allow wider tolerances. The general geometrical tolerances should not be smaller than the normal workshop accuracy. Engine bearings in applications such as automotive, renewable energy, aviation, racing and others. Author of numerous scientific and engineering publications and patents. Normally the rotating journal is displaced from the concentric position and forms a converging gap between the bearing and journal surfaces.

The pumping action of the journal forces the oil to squeeze through the wedge shaped gap generating a pressure. The oil pressure creates a supporting force separating the journal from the bearing surface. The minimum value of the oil film thickness may reach down to 0. Dimensions and tolerances of each of them affect the bearing operation.

Higher oil clearance causes an increase of the oil flow passing through the bearing and resulting in a lower oil temperature rise. However higher clearance produces less uniform distribution of the oil pressure – greater pick pressure, which increases the probability of the bearing material fatigue. Too high clearance produces excessive vibration and noise. Lower oil clearance results in a more uniform oil film pressure distribution and a greater oil film thickness however too small clearance causes overheating the oil and a sharp drop of its viscosity. High performance bearings has an increased clearance providing more stable hydrodynamic lubrication under conditions of high loads and high rotation speeds. The inside bearing surface is not round. On the other hand the actual bearing diameter is not changed, thus the adverse effect of the bearing clearance on the vibration and noise is prevented.

Under the forces the housing bore is stretched in the vertical direction. The bearing eccentricity allows to retain the wedge shape of the oil gap, which is required for hydrodynamic regime of lubrication. Advanced quality control of machining operations allows to produce bearings with tight tolerance. Such tight tolerances result in superior consistency of the oil clearance and eccentricity. For high performance cars: 0. The outside diameter of an engine bearing is always greater than the diameter of its housing. The difference between the diameters affects the amount of the elastic compression of the bearing installed in the housing.

Firmly tightened bearing has a uniform contact with the housing surface, which prevents the bearing displacement in the housing during the operation, provides maximum heat transfer through the contacting surfaces and increases the rigidity of the housing. Since the direct measurement of the bearing circumference is a difficult task, another parameters characterizing the bearing press fit is commonly measured – crush height. The figure presents a scheme of the device for measuring crush height. The tested bearing is installed in the gauge block and pressed with a predetermined force F. The force is proportional to the cross-section area of the bearing wall. Typical values of the crush height of 1.

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