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X”, a criminal whose location is only revealed periodically, and the other players each control a detective, which is always present on the board. They can be used to reach any point in London, most games of strategy 3rd edition pdf which are not accessible in this game by other means.

Because the stations are far apart, the use of an underground ticket can narrow down the possibilities of Mr. Water routes are available, which only Mr. 18 possible cards which show where a player has to start, with Mr. The locations on these cards are spaced far enough apart to ensure that Mr. X cannot be caught in the first round of play. There are a total of 199 locations on the board. Each detective begins with a total of 22 tokens.

Once each transport token is used by a detective, it is turned over to Mr. X, effectively giving him unlimited transport. X moves first on every turn, after which the detectives must move in the same order. At five specific times during the game, Mr. X has to reveal his current position. Detectives will take this opportunity to refine their search and, if possible, plan ways to encircle him. From each known position, the types of transport used by Mr.

The game is won by the detectives if any of them lands on Mr. X’s current location or vice versa. X wins by avoiding capture until all detectives can no longer move, due to either exhausting their token supplies or reaching a space for which they have no more usable tokens. Although the game says it is for 3-6 players many play this game with only 2 players. The police, when controlled by 1 person, are far more coordinated and have a better chance of catching Mr. When 3-5 people are playing as the police they have to work as a team and coordinate their moves which can be difficult, especially when one player wants to play a hunch. There are also minor differences in the routes, such as a bus line between stations 198 and 199 that is changed to a taxi line in later editions, and the removal of a taxi line between stations 13 and 14 sometime after the renumbering.

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