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Fully differential amplifier offset simulation dating, fully differential opamp for impedance matching

This is known as frequency compensation. This effect will be very small in a practical circuit if substantial negative feedback is used. You can avoid that for now. This low-pass characteristic is introduced deliberately, because it tends to stabilize the circuit by introducing a dominant pole.

Fully differential opamp for impedance matching

Except for very small voltage output, power considerations usually come into play first.

Noise - all real electronic components generate noise. So it appears this will work.

Fully differential amplifier

This current is mismatched slightly between the inverting and non-inverting inputs there is an input offset current. Temperature drift of the input offset voltage is especially important. This effect is usually important only for very low power circuits. The voltage ratio will be included in the calibration, the story goes something like this. But if you needed a flatter low frequency response you could parallel the balun with a slow op-amp in a low-pass circuit.

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Saturation occurs when the differential input voltage is too high for the op-amp's gain, speed dating london best driving the output level to that peak value. Minimization of common mode gain is usually important in non-inverting amplifiers described below that operate at high amplification.