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It was also the ninth free food group bingo pdf company of Mexico by revenues in 2013. 22 countries in America, Europe and Asia. Bimbo operates under a scheme of recurrent sales channels views, making three daily visits to the same establishment. However, a month later Hostess Brands’ owners cancelled its plans to sell the company after failing to receive any offers.

1980 and is a constituent of the IPC, the main benchmark index of Mexican stocks. Mata, Jaime Sendra, Jaime Jorba and Alfonso Velasco. Over fifteen years, under the leadership of Daniel Servitje, current Chairman of the Board and CEO of the Group, it has established itself as a global bakery company, reporting an increase in sales of USD 4. 67 billion in 2004 to USD 10.

The main hypothesis is that it resulted from the combination of Bingo and the Disney film Bambi. China to name it sounds very similar to bread. Jaime Jorba in a Christmas card, and whom Anita Mata, wife of Jaime Sendra, dressed with a white apron and a chef’s hat, given a loaf of bread under his arm. 27 selected brands that have reached this category in the country. The first products launched into the market were cellophane-wrapped large and small white loaves of bread, rye bread and toasted bread.

By late 1948, there were nine Bimbo products on the market. Bimbollos, Medias Noches and Colchones. Bimbo is mainly in the area of baking, in the field of pastry and bread for sandwiches, hot dogs and hamburgers. Also it has a stake in the confectioner sector and in the sector of snacks. 6 dollars a year on branded products. Deputy Director General: Pablo Elizondo.

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