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Numerous biological control introductions have adversely affected non-target native species. Although many of these problems occurred in the early days of biological control, some are recent. Because of how little monitoring is done on species, communities, and ecosystems that might be affected by biological control agents, it is quite possible that known problems are the tip of ed rosenthal pest and disease control pdf iceberg.

Regulations for officially sanctioned releases for biological control are insufficient, and there are also freelance unregulated releases undertaken by private citizens. Cost-benefit analyses for conservation issues, including those associated with biological control, are exceedingly difficult because it is hard to assign values to the loss of species or ecosystem functions. Risk assessment for biological control is difficult because of how hard it is to predict community- and ecosystem-wide impacts of introduced species and because introduced species disperse and evolve. Nevertheless, cost-benefit analyses and risk assessments for biological control introductions would have the salubrious effect of forcing consideration of myriad factors that now often receive cursory attention and of broadening public understanding of the issues. Check if you have access through your login credentials or your institution.

1996 Published by Elsevier Ltd. Susceptibility of yellow starthistle to Puccinia jaceae var. YST within the state was determined and a protocol for bulk inoculum production was developed. Inoculation was made of 62 field accessions of YST representative of the range of habitats in California. These were determined to be equally susceptible to infection by the isolate approved for release in the United States in 2003. To support a program to speed establishment by release at many locations statewide, protocols for artificial increase of inoculum were developed.

Over 64 g of urediniospores were produced with a mass-production system under greenhouse conditions from 2003 to 2006. Yield of inoculum varied by season, with peak production occurring from early spring through early summer. A large-scale urediniospore harvest also was made from a field plot at Davis, California. This is a good article. Follow the link for more information.

Meat eater ant feeding on honey02. It is characterised by its dark-bluish body and red head. The queens are the largest and appear mostly black, measuring 12. Meat ants inhabit open and warm areas in large, oval-shaped mounds that are accompanied by many entrance holes.

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