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Scottish Language Dictionaries

In a team at the University of Dundee digitized the full text of all twelve volumes and made them freely available via the Dictionary of the Scots Language. He echoed Aitken with respect to the scope of the dictionary.

As regards coverage, Aitken aimed at exhaustiveness for the pre linguistic record. Consequently, she placed greater emphasis on the functioning of the word in society.

Dareau, Craigie and Aitken's approaches were developed further, socializzazione primaria e secundaria yahoo dating and the project finally reached completion. Craigie was followed by Professor A.

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He continued the trend towards further and more detailed analysis of the entries and sought especially to capture the intricacies of Older Scots syntax. Stevenson further refined the coverage of semantic and grammatical usage. Aitken also widened the scope of the editing. Stevenson regularised this procedure and modernised and simplified some of the rules of layout of the published material. Under his regime sense analysis was refined and the illustration of usage came more and more to be considered an important part of an entry.