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Nachhatar becomes the breaking news on every news channel. Nacchhatar rejoins party and apologises to Baljit Singh. At the rally Babbar gets a call and he hurriedly runs toward Nachhattar to protect him from a shot.

His love interest is Suhani Japji Khaira. He swore not step in the house ever when his father, who was ready to establish him as a powerful candidate of P.

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Jasdeep shares everything with his father, Baljit, who tells him that in politics it never is what it seems so he should be careful. Jasdeep asks him to have a party at night with him. Jasdeep Singh is ordered to go to Punjab for the promotion of the Air Force university. This article needs additional citations for verification.

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After Vikram's death, the father-son rivalry deepens. Jasdeep and Nachhattar go to the rally in the same car. Eventually an accident occurs. Jasdeep rushes to meet Batra whose men attack Jasdeep.

Dharti is a Indian Punjabi political suspense thriller film directed by Navaniat Singh with story, screenplay and dialogues by Manoj Jha. At Orient in Ludhiana, your my everything michael buble mp3 Dharti drew the first two shows full Rs. At Harsha multiplex in Karnal Dharti collected Rs.

Jasdeep returns home and apologises his father. Jasdeep agrees to apologise to his father for sake of his brother. Baldev said that he is with Jasdeep and will take care of everything, that intelligence would solve the matter, and that the perpetrator would be caught soon. Brothers Jasdeep and Vikramjit meet after a long time. The scene concludes with the death of Baldev and media reports which stated that the accident occurred due to fog.

Dharti punjabi movieDharti Movie Mp3 Download

Jasdeep tells Baldev about Nacchhatar's killing of Vikram. Nachhattar leaves the party on being suggested for doing the same by Batra, a businessman. And that Batra forced him to tell this to him. Batra said that he is the same person who got Vikram killed and that the person is from his own home.

His father agrees and forgives him. Followed by arguments, Jasdeep drags Baldev into the car and drives very fast. It is revealed that Jasdeep is not in good terms with his father, Baljit Singh Wadala, as Jasdeep had to leave the house to join the Air Force. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Jasdeep has been minorly injured. The father-son relationship is bitter. He assures them that soon conditions will return to normal and that their party is always ready to serve people of Punjab. Dum Maro Dum Hindi and Mr. He says that whatever the decision taken by the party will be for the welfare of the people of Punjab.

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Heera Singh feels that Nachhatar should not have such an attitude.

Jasdeep asks him whether their father knows that he has come to meet him or not. The premiere took place in Australia.

Jasdeep meets Nachhattar to convince him to rejoin the party and not leave his father in such a condition. Babbar tells same thing to Jasdeep that Nachhattar got Vikram killed and that he is organising a rally in memory of Vikram. After a few days, on the birthday of Jasdeep, Vikram greets him, gives him a gift, and asks him to forget everything and to apologise to their father.

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Dharti (2011) punjabi hindi movie mp3 songs download

Jasdeep learns that only Vikram's wife Prabhjot and Baldev know that Vikram is out and that their father does not know that Jasdeep is here. Jasdeep tells this to Baldev who asks him to go to the rally with Nachhattar and to look into the matter. The truth comes out that it was Baldev behind all incidents, i. At the same time, a bomb blast occurs and Nachhatar is killed. Using this reason, other political parties are trying to bring down the present government of P.

At the Wave multiplex in Ludhiana, the first two shows of Dharti were Rs. Perfect Telugu in Punjab and overseas.

The film was to be made in Hindi but, on much insistence of Shergill, the producers and the directors agreed to make it in Punjabi. The only movies to do better were Mr. During the night Jasdeep picks up Vikram from a spot and Vikramjit accompanied him without security cover. This time Jasdeep does not accompany Nachhatar.