Dating ethan allen furniture, with great dining furniture it s easy to invite everyone over

Learn how to take your home from blah to bananas. This will pull up a listing of the furniture stores along with their addresses. Any information would be helpful. Second-Hand Ethan Allen Chairs. If so, best online dating read on to learn how to identify vintage Ethan Allen furniture and more!

Antique ethan allen desk secretary with hutch. If you are searching for a popular piece of furniture, it may take longer than you expected to find it. Try looking it up on e bay or Craig's list to see what the items are selling for. Linda Hagen Coppom in Hayden, giving phone Idaho. Don't know of any specific Ethan Allen site.

This is can be easily deciphered once you know what each series represents. Many of the posts are from buyers seeking specific pieces of collections. That is the plant I worked at. Both pieces are superb and I love them and would love to know more about them Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Tips for Buying Ethan Allen Furniture

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Did you find a value on yours? Ethan Allen stock numbers change from one plant to another. Ethan Allen Baumritter Heirloom maple. Ethan Allen furniture company was started in the s and is the namesake for the Revolutionary War hero. There is a growing market for used Ethan Allen furniture.

Best of Bedroom Furniture. Upholstered furniture will bear an Ethan Allen logo label. Antique Auction Now is a gateway website that is easy to use and crawls the Internet to find what you enter in the search field.

Cash-strapped buyers preferred to purchase furniture over small home goods. Adding to their decision was the fact that their factory was headquartered in Beecher Falls, Vermont, queen of hearts matchmaking service an idyllic hamlet of a town with old Americana appeal. Some of the more vintage upholstery pieces have been reupholstered. The is the case number and the is indeed the date it came off the line.

Welcome to the forum, Chris. Some other areas to visit include furniture forums such as Furniture Owner. Before setting out to shop, there are a few things you need to consider. It's easy to set up an account to sell on Etsy and is a great venue for sellers as well.

How to Determine Authenticity

The Used Furniture Stores website is a clearinghouse that is broken down by states. Patience is your best asset when seeking a specific piece furniture to buy or sell. With that in mind, Baumritter and Ancell bought a factory to begin cranking out furniture. You can compare prices of other sellers to get an idea what the market will bear.

Dining Room Furniture

This manufacture's furniture is viewed as a smart investment in furniture choices. Ethan Allen Dry Sink worth? Sellers have a built-in market and can take advantage of a highly sought after product. Get notified when we receive new items for Ethan Allen. It is stamped P and on the table.

Dining Room Sets

Those are the serial numbers and are very difficult to track as to what year they belong. Using maple, oak, and cherry, the duo crafted American revivalist furniture that felt fresh to buyers who were beginning to tire of Art Deco. Do you know of a website a to determine the value of Ethan Allen furniture? Many pieces of furniture sold on Craigslist are offered by antique or used furniture dealers.

Large collection of Ethan Allen furniture - how to sell? The brand continues to offer one of the most sprawling catalogues in the business. The other identifier is the serial code or number. This is a good place to see what is popular in some areas and possible being able to find fulfill some of the requests.

Gently Used Ethan Allen Furniture
Living Room Furniture

Hi there, lumpur I stumbled on this site by accident. If you had a look at ebay you could see that most people are struggling with this. My grandfather was the plant manager of that location many years ago! Can anyone help me date this?

Ethan Allen Secretary with serial numbers on back. Ethan Allen furniture is distinguishable by the company stamp that bears the name of the manufacturing arm of the company and can be found on the back or bottom of furniture pieces and drawers. You can find quite a few nice surprises on Craigslist.

  1. Whether you were in the market for an Ethan Allen bed or Ethan Allen console, the Circa collection had you covered.
  2. Unfortunately the Ethan Allen website has closed or was deleted - in any case it is sheer impossible to get any reliable information on that now.
  3. While competitors would release four to five-piece capsule collections, Ethan Allen had created a mix-and-match library that few other brands if any could compete with.
  4. This website offers specific forums for buyers and sellers.

With great dining furniture it s easy to invite everyone over

Help Identify Ethan Allen Hutch

Like anything else you might be interested in buying, ask for photos and details. If buying local, then you can usually examine the furniture before purchasing. Cheers Dan Wellington New Zealand.

Help Identify Ethan Allen Hutch

Ethan Allen

Gently Used Ethan Allen Furniture

For the duo, the decision to capitalize on the American charm of the locale seemed like a no-brainer. In some cases, the name that's stamped on the furniture can help to identify the time period since some names were used in the beginning years, such as Baumritter Corporation. The numbers don't match up. Perhaps most remarkable about the Circa collection, however, was its sheer breadth.

The furniture pieces range from upholstered to solid wood tables, chairs and beds. There is a category just for Ethan Allen furniture. Ethan Allen Table on Etsy. In Ethan Allen debuted their American Dimensions collection. Any information would be appreciated.

  • Could you please describe them for me, what would they be called.
  • If you're selling furniture, connect with your market in as many venues as possible to ensure you move the furniture in a reasonable amount of time.
  • This may take a phone call to see if the store owner has any Ethan Allen furniture, but is a great tool for identifying local used furniture stores.

Worth noting is that Ethan Allen did go by some alternative names throughout its history. If this is a hutch top from a dining room collection, then it is not Ethan Allen. However, if you're buying and will be assuming shipping costs, ask for photos for any Ethan Allen stamps, serial numbers and labels.

Join our trade program to enjoy exclusive benefits! We're dishing on all the ways to bring chic and unique style to your space. Love Ethan Allen furniture as much as us?

My Antique Furniture Collection

Serial Numbers and Labels The other identifier is the serial code or number. Here are som pictures of my table. Select the state you want and then the nearest town from the list.

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