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  1. The faults of others become a script that plays over and over as justification for extra support, lower work expectations, or greater entitlements now.
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  3. Keep in mind, however, that some very unintelligent people use curse words, too.
  4. Most highly intelligent people are not aggressive.
  5. People who are high strung are like anybody else - they have both positive and negative qualities.

Some of them are just plain lazy. High strung people take action when others do not. Hill strives to help clients to realize and actualize their strengths in their home environments and in their relationships within the community. After all, he was able to revolutionize the personal computing industry and helped bring the iPod into existence. Someone who thinks several steps ahead of others to solve an issue or problem.

They're determined to make their partnerships work. Leren Lu via Getty Images. There are common characteristics of highly intelligent people. Do you have a working environment that allows bad behaviors to take hold and fester? Highly intelligent people are much more likely to understand new restrictions and find ways to modify their environment.

The (Unlucky) 13 Traits of High Maintenance People

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What experiences have you had with narcissism? Bipolar Disorder and Celiac Disease. Nothing is more rewarding than turning a negative pattern around.

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What You Need To Know If You Love Someone Who s Type A

Nothing drives Type A people crazy like ambiguity in their schedules. But sometimes mismatched life tempos can become a problem. It is sad to admit that we are a rather vain, self-centered, and egoistic society.

Would You Ever Date A High Strung Person

When you start dating someone new, it can be pretty tempting to assume you are long lost soulmates. Related Questions How do you deal with a high strung person? Because highly intelligent people are better able to understand things and perceive social situations, they can quickly come up with jokes in a timely manner. This can make highly intelligent people excellent friends to have for support, listening, and providing great solutions for problems.

They can be irritable and sensitive and over react to a situation sometimes. They might even begin to talk, walk, or act like someone they are admiring for the moment. The details that are non-issues to others are insurmountable hurdles to them. They just seem more knowledgeable about everything than others. When I manage to fall into a negative is when a manager promotes stress on me, matchmaking needlessly.

The high maintenance person thrives on attention. Their brilliance and common sense show themselves during routine conversations. But in the world of business, undermining the boss will hurt the perpetrator far more than the target, even if the resentment is justified.

What is a high-strung person like

Perhaps they love the thrill of finishing something last minute or are extremely confident in their ability to do so. Responsibility lies with the company to create and reinforce a positive culture. They are highly focused on the too-much-information and none-of-your-business particulars of your life and also of theirs.

Mostly, they crave a listening ear. Change the subject as many times as needed until the idea of a higher level of thinking and acting can thrive. We often see partners with very different personalities and very different hobbies being quite compatible.

He told junior employees that if they wanted to get ahead, it was important to continue learning outside of the classroom. Once the person gets bored with this or feels the high emotional intensity is no longer arousing, they will move on. Visit her at Anchored-In-Knowledge or Twitter and Youtube Youtube If you are interested in scheduling a telehealth family consultation, feel free to let me know.


If you are around a high maintenance person for an extended period of time, you will observe frequent periods of meltdown during the course of the day. They know that aggression can be a turn off and rarely allows them to accomplish their long term goals that they are passionately pursuing. These individuals have no idea who they are, who they want to be, or who they should be. However, in some cases the toxicity may be so deeply embedded that the only way to deal effectively is to simply refuse to engage. Researchers believe that those who wake up later are less likely to get tired as fast as someone who gets up super early with the help of an alarm clock.


What Is a High-Strung Personality

Also, other social factors within the family dynamic can influence this. Many highly intelligent people have messy desks, which some people would attribute to enhanced levels of creativity. If they were, the smartest people in the world would be confined to monasteries and churches, where they practice abstinence. As a personality trait, being funny is linked to strong verbal communication skills. Or any date that involves winning or losing, for that matter.

Having shallow and short-term feelings or relationships. Are you sure you want to delete this answer? Okay, virgins are not more intelligent necessarily than those who partake in physical love. It has been my experience in clinical psychotherapy that an emotionally needy narcissist often presents differently than other narcissists. Because they do not simply follow whatever they believe or have been told, christian filipina they continue to stay more open-minded than their peers about people and new ideas.

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  • They talk alot at times and can get wound up at their own rhetoric.
  • The good examples can be the president of Iran and prime minister of Pakistan.
  • When you find someone who is most of the time, then you'll know you've truly found a compatible partner.

It would be easy to assume that smart people are extremely organized. Instead, good luck is likely the result of hard work, strategic planning, and coincidence, as well as staying prepared to accept great things that come their way. High maintenance people will see the flaws in every situation. Despite the above, we are all very aware that narcissism can wreck havoc on your life, your self-esteem, your self-worth, your accomplishments, and your morals. If a Type A loves someone, a lot of effort will be put into making sure the relationship is failure-proof.

This makes them less likely to be overconfident in their interactions. You may want to think twice before taking them mini golfing. Because so many of us live, work, or exist with a narcissist at one point in our lives. They are very quick to criticize and think that everyone else is wrong. They see themselves in a better light than they actually are.

How to Deal With a High Strung Person

What is a high-strung person like

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High Strung Person
How to Deal With a High Strung Person

Some people see this as being high strung, but more specifically, it's high levels of conscientiousness coming into play. How do you deal with a high strung person? But the person with excessive needs will be persistently vocal and anxious about the things they require. Stressed out individuals need a chill person to offer some perspective.

Again, it may not seem like a big deal early on, but ya'll want to agree when it comes to spending or not spending money. They are not very pleasant to get along with. She would suck up, laugh too much or too loudly, and seek validation from him when she would speak. An incompatible couple, on the other hand, might fight dirty or refuse to listen to each other. Not to mention, teen pregnancy can seriously stunt your future accomplishments and earning potential forever.

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