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What other people call normal will always be special to you! You have to be a sweetheart to look past and through a disfigurement, and I am so thankful for those that have.

Your brain takes images from your eyes and then joins the images together to make one image that you see. After thinking it over, I decided being unable to catch a ball was not a serious handicap. Yes it can affect depth perception and put us Amblyopers at a competitive sports disadvantage. This seem to help prevent eye headache and stress on my one good eye. By that time eye exercise was too late.

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She looked very beautiful, it was funny to see a beautiful woman smiling with a pirate patch on her eye. However, reading on a laptop is easy as pie so I'm happy with that. My right eye was called my lazy eye. Yes, I now have stereoscopic vision stereopsis and binocular depth perception!

Offcourse i have had alot of trouble in the dating scene due to my eyes and confidence. The Doc said, it crossed because of alignment and the vision being so much worse in that eye. They don't know the negative shy crossed eyed girl, opening a dating service business they see me as an equal person. Next Would you date a cross-eyed girl?

Would you date a cross-eyed girl?

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Keep your chin up- even if your eyes are down- and hang in there. But I will not be overcome. Ive been picked on, asked what im looking at, or your so beautiful but your eye looks weird.

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They had binocular two-eyed vision. Well that left me with a list of problems, from not being able to focus, UofM said to put drops in my rit eye to close the pupil and stop the problems. In they had me wearing a hard contact lens that hurt my eye to wear and tears constantly flowed from the uncomfortable contacts I was prescribed. They range from judgmental no, I'm not making faces at you!

Never used both eyes together to see. Both doctors said exactly the same thing. It doesn't look normal because the prosthetic eye doesn't move much and the contact lense is not exactly the same colour when you look real close.

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