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Commission draw agreement template pdf States for nearly two weeks, questioned, and denied meaningful access to a lawyer. Canada, his current home and the passport on which he was travelling, but to Syria.

The Syrian government later stated that Arar was “completely innocent. A Canadian commission publicly cleared Arar of any links to terrorism, and the government of Canada later settled out of court with Arar. Arar for Canada’s role in his “terrible ordeal. After the lawsuit was dismissed by the Federal District Court, the Second Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the dismissal on November 2, 2009. Arar and Mazigh married in 1994. They have two children: BarĂ¢a and Houd.

In 2001, Arar returned to Ottawa to start his own consulting company, Simcomms Inc. At the time of his rendition, Arar was employed in Ottawa as a telecommunications engineer. The Toronto team included RCMP investigators and members of the Ontario, Peel, and Toronto police forces. RCMP officers regarding how to share information with the FBI and the CIA.

RCMP officer and then assistant RCMP commissioner, was the official singled out in the report for failing to provide these clear directions. Almalki, an Ottawa engineer, was also born in Syria and had moved to Canada in the same year as Arar. CSIS was also concerned with Almalki’s electronic components export business that he operated with his wife. Nonetheless, Almalki’s meeting with Arar appears to have prompted a wider investigation, with Arar also becoming a “person of interest.

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