Coca cola balance sheet 2015 pdf

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Coca-Cola Company is the world’s largest beverage company. Coca-Cola is one of the most valuable and recognizable brands in the world. The company’s portfolio features 20 billion dollar brands. Coca-Cola has the largest beverage distribution system in the world serving consumers in more than 200 countries. Coca-Cola offers beverages at a rate of 1. 9 billon servings a day. The Company envisages its 2020 Vision document as a roadmap for doubling revenues in the decade with the focus on key areas of profit, people, portfolio, and partners.

Coca had focused on its marketing efforts as a part of advertising strategies. Coca-Cola company business strategy focuses on building its existing brands and broadening of is family of brands, products and services. The core capabilities of Coca-Cola are consumer marketing, commercial leadership, franchise leadership, bottling, and distribution operations. In 2012, Coca-Cola introduced four-year productivity and reinvestment program to strengthen the brands and reinvest the resources to drive long-term profitable growth.

The Coca-Cola Company uses Golden Triangle partnership for stakeholder engagement with focus on public, private, and civil sectors. By 2015, Coca-Cola had its 53rd consecutive annual increase in dividends. 2014, Coca-Cola had purchased 3. Coca-Cola enters into foreign exchange contracts to hedge net investments in international operations. This article has not been cited. Without a doubt, fruits and vegetables are important components of a balanced and healthy diet.

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