Cmd tricks and hacks windows 7 pdf

So, You forgot your password. I am here to help you just at the instant you asked for help. I cmd tricks and hacks windows 7 pdf explain the process in my style. First the main concept and then its implimention.

Unleash the Best in You. This way, I can force you to read all the content and upgrade your knowledge level somewhat. Thanks for dropping by Computer Tricks! I am telling you for the educational purpose only. Use it at own risk. I am not responsible for any harm done by you to yourself and others.

If you have used Linux , you will know that there are two kinds of users in the Linux OS. First one is a simple user that has permission to perform normal routine work on the computer system on which he has access. And second one is root. The root has all sorts of permissions you can think of. Same is the case for Windows. We think that the Administrator has all the power in his hand, and we can do anything with this account. However, it is not true.

Administrator does not holds the total power. So, I think you got the real player behind the game. Administrator is the user account that certainly has got more administrative powers than the normal user but do not have all. It is a sort of power user. Del key on the Login Window, and then writing the Administrative in the User field and then hitting the Enter key and by doing this, you got entrance to the Administrator account and now, you can remove the password of the victim. But, you can’t  do this in Windows 7, you do not get that login user and pass window here, and even in the case of Windows XP, if original and genuine user has applied the password in all the available accounts and Administrator, you would have been choked there.

Till now, I told you about the root user of Windows and one old trick of breaking Windows XP password. Windows employs File Protection System. This protection is mostly responsible for keeping you in limits as decided by your authorized level. So, it simply means that if you want to have a date with SAM files, you will have to get rid of the FPS. It is not an easy task because FPS get switched on at the moment you see your login screen.

So, it simply means that you need to do anything you want when Window is  not running, I mean when there is another OS on your computer. Linux Live CDs would come to you to rescue you. They will give you a live demo how the Linux machine looks like. You won’t need to install the Linux in your HDD.

Well, before I tell you about the actual procedure, I would like to tell you about the methods I tried to get rid of password. Fourth one is the universal method that I got. On some in depth reading and researching I found that this method only works for the Windows XP SP1. If you did it in after Windows of XP SP1, you will be welcomed by a Warning message that declaring that SAM file is corrupted then you computer will reboot. If you do it Windows 7, you will not be fortunate enough to know what the hell has happened to your computer. Your computer will keep on rebooting in the boot screen.

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