Chrome downloading multiple files when pdf

This article aims at making you aware of several other Linux command Line browsing and downloading applications, which will help chrome downloading multiple files when pdf to browse and download files within the Linux shell. We got lots of response to cover few other tools of same genre, if you’ve missed the first part you can go through it.

It is available for all major platforms viz. This browser is text based as well as graphical. The text based links web browser is shipped by most of the standard Linux distributions by default. If links is not installed in your system by default you may install it from the repo. Elinks is a fork of links. After installing links, you can browse any websites within the terminal as shown below in the screen cast. Here is how it seems to access Tecmint using links tool.

Twibright Labs Links web browser. This browser has support for mouse and clicks. A text based web browser released under GNU GPLv2 license and written in ISO C. It has the reputation of being the oldest web browser that is being used and still actively developed.

After installing lynx, type the following command to browse the website as shown below in the screen cast. Written primarily in python and released under GNU GPL License, the application works out of the box. Since youtube don’t allow you to download videos, it may be illegal to use it. Check the laws before you start using this.

After installing, try to download files from the Youtube site, as shown in the below screen cast. It is a command utility for unix-like operating system that is used for URL retrieval. It supports a lot of options like fetching ipv4 only address, ipv6 only address, no redirect, exit after successful file retrieval request, retry, etc. But before you compile and run it, you should install HTTP Fetcher. Download HTTP Fetcher from the link below. Axel makes it possible to download a file at much faster speed through single connection request for multiple copies of files in small chunks through multiple http and ftp connections.

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