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Torrentz will always love you. Johann Sebastian was born fourteen years later butt cambridge companion to bach pdf the last child.

By the end of his apprenticeship he was organist in the St. In October 1694 he married Dorothea von Hof. Eisenach, came to live with Johann Christoph’s family in Ohrdruf. At the time, Johann Jacob was thirteen, and Johann Sebastian not even ten.

Johann Christoph’s five sons were born between 1695 and 1713. Johann Christoph became his youngest brother’s keyboard teacher, or, at least, Johann Sebastian “laid the foundations of his keyboard technique” under the guidance of his eldest brother. Refusal increasing his determination, he laid his plans to get the book without his brother’s knowledge. It was kept on a book-shelf which had a latticed front.

Inserting them, he got hold of the book, rolled it up, and drew it out. As he was not allowed a candle, he could only copy it on moonlight nights, and it was six months before he finished his heavy task. As soon as it was completed he looked forward to using in secret a treasure won by so much labour. But his brother found the copy and took it from him without pity, nor did Bach recover it until his brother’s death soon after. The brother had however not died “soon after”.

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