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Since then he started working with mainstream artists. But do report back if you have success! As such, while lovely and golden and looking exactly like your picture, it may have needed a tad extra cooking on the inside.

This cake gets eaten so quickly that some people miss out! Would this work in this recipe. You are so nice to your family Hannah. My mother is dairy-free and gluten-free and always on the look-out for great dessert recipes.

Thank you so much for this! Confound you internal clock! Cake looks delicious and even better that you got to enjoy with your grandparents! Thank you Hannah for ur reply I shall try it agn and let u know how it turned out. And Barbies of Upsettingness.

There are lots of delicious plain almond cakes out there, though! The comfort of focusing on something practical, tangible, and measurable rather than the whirling world of worry. But hey, feel free to throw the leftovers my way! Oh girl, that looks amazing! Thank you so much for sharing this recipe!

This is one of the most popular recipes on my blog and no one else has had that issue, but of course we all have different tastebuds! He is an eldest son of two siblings. Do let me know how you go if you try a substitute! Simple but amazing recipe. Did you measure your coconut oil solid, or melted?

Bunny PhyoeBunny Phyoe

At the same time, Bunny Phyo started endeavoring to be able to produce and distribute a solo album. Shortly after, he began distributing some self-made songs. At the time, it was popular to share the self-made songs online and his songs were shared online. This looks really really good, kannada audio songs list Hannah.

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Never thought to use nuts. Oh yes, the comfort of baking.

What would you suggest as a substitute? Nuts are just awesome full stop, really.

Looks great and turned out just like the picture. Sweet divine mother of baking gods! Sounds lovely, almond meal is awesome in baked goods huh? Writer, editor, firm believer in socks, gin, laughter, buttered toast, cheesecake, and semicolons. What an amazing talent you have.

Did you measure all the ingredients by weight? All she deserves is cuddles. Hi, just wondering if this can be made into mini cakes and if so, what would the baking time be? On one occasion I even had to wrestle the bowl away from a friend who was this close to simply sailing into the batter with a spoon.

Hi, I just baked the cake. Website by Lion Face Studio. Hi Hanna I made this cake yesterday as we had friends over.

Any suggestions you could share would be much appreciated. Has anyone tried making this with only g of butter? Nuts are the magical way to go for flavour and texture, I think! My daughter makes this cake for us all the time and it is always enjoyed. However, the cake was still gone in a couple of days!


Just made this sans raspberries as a base for an iced vovo birthday cake. It was eaten before I could take a photo of it. Mmmm these definitely look scrumptious, and I love that your grandpa used that word!

Amidst the cleaningworkingcleaningworking, I set aside some time for just-me, and baked this Almond and Coconut Cake with Raspberries. And are up until midnight during the week, typing away? Perhaps because I love my grandparents so much too, I could relate. And honey perhaps not coarse enough?

That probably explains why I always end up with more cake than a human really needs. My husband asked me to make it again already, that never happens. This cake is just too good! Somehow, this gives me comfort. Cake joy is one of the best kinds of joy.

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